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SLC provides updates on the Calgary Housing Strategy

By Vama Saini, March 18 2024—

Last week’s Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) meeting took place on Mar. 12. Several reminders and updates were discussed. 

Vice President Academic Sandra Amin began by reminding SLC members about the upcoming deadline of Mar. 28 for RSVPs to the Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA). 

Additionally, Amin emphasized the importance of completing the March and April Availability forms, which indicate SLC members’ volunteering availability for these months. 

“Our coordinator of Student Engagement only received eight responses. We need your guys’ support. A lot of our events cannot happen without your support,” said Amin. 

Amin highlighted the necessity of member support for the successful execution of various events and urged active participation.

“It’s really important you engage in these things and you can even bring your successors to those events to show them how they can volunteer, what it means to be a part of the SU and introduce them to those elements,” said Amin. 

Vice President External Mateusz Salmassi provided an update on the progress of the Calgary Housing Strategy, which aims to streamline regulations by rezoning residential areas to allow for more housing types. It involves 80 recommendations that will shape the city’s housing market from 2024 to 2030.

“In the Calgary Housing Strategy, we were successful in getting the city’s commitment to upzoning the entire city to allow for greater density and more diversity in housing supply,” said Salmassi. 

Salmassi announced that a city council vote regarding the strategy’s adoption is scheduled for April 22. 

“On April 22 is going to be a city council vote and a lot of public consultation before Student Council goes to officially approve that strategy and policy. So we are working on plans to push city council across that finish line,” explained Salmassi. 

Salmassi encouraged students interested in contributing to the campaign to connect with him.

For agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings, visit the SU website.

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