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Haskayne Business Exchange debuts to bridge academic and industry innovation

By Vama Saini, June 13 2024—

The Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary is set to introduce the Haskayne Business Exchange (HBX) today, marking the beginning of a dynamic forum series designed to bridge the gap between academic research and industry practice. This inaugural event, which centers on the theme of the digital era, will be held at The GRAND from 2:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Sandy Hershcovis, senior associate dean of research at Haskayne, shared insights into HBX’s mission with the Gauntlet.

Hershcovis explains that the core objective of HBX is to make academic research more accessible and practical for the business community. 

“We designed HBX to be super accessible, featuring three 10-minute TEDX-style presentations by our leading researchers. After that, we’ll have an engaging industry panel to discuss how the research applies to business practices,” said Hershcovis.

The inaugural HBX event will delve into the new digital era, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency and data privacy. 

“Our main goal is to build a strong partnership with the Calgary business community and bridge the gap between academia and industry,” Hershcovis emphasized. “This event will align with the university’s interdisciplinary priority of the digital world.”

Hershcovis highlighted the importance of translating academic research into practical applications.

“Research is a huge part of what we do, but often it doesn’t reach beyond academic journals. HBX is designed to bring our research into the hands of people who can actually benefit from it and use it,” explained Hershcovis.

HBX is also poised to be a valuable resource for Haskayne students. According to Hershcovis, students are encouraged to attend HBX events to gain exposure to cutting-edge research and understand its relevance to their future careers. 

“We strongly encourage our students to attend HBX, which is why we offer discounted tickets for [Haskayne students]. Exposure to research and its impact on the community is beneficial for all our students, especially as they prepare to enter the workforce,” said Hershcovis.

Moreover, Hershcovis stresses that this is a good opportunity for all students on campus, as they can benefit from this knowledge as they enter the workforce. Hershcovis believes that the relevance of HBX extends across faculties at the university. 

“Most students on campus will be going into some form of work, and our business school research is all about the workplace and ways we can improve it,” she notes. “So I think most topics we cover are relevant to anyone on campus.”

“When students hear the word research or theory in a classroom, their eyes can sometimes glaze over,” Hershcovis said. “We hope HBX can show our students what our academics actually do and the important, relevant work that comes out of research. It might also spark their interest in how research is practiced.”

Hershcovis said that the event offers significant networking opportunities for students. Students will have the chance to connect with these professionals during the networking session following the presentations.

“This is a fantastic networking opportunity,” Hershcovis says. “We expect around 200 industry members to attend. There will be time for networking and conversation at the end of the talks and panel discussion, giving students a great chance to connect with industry professionals.”

Hershcovis said that attendance at HBX can enhance students’ academic and professional development. By participating, students can learn about the latest technological advancements and their implications for business. Hershcovis highlights that the event provides a platform for students to see how research is integrated into industry practices, which can be invaluable for their career preparation.

“It’s a chance for students to learn about the research at Haskayne and how it applies to their future careers,” Hershcovis states. “This event specifically covers new technology and how these are transforming business.”

The long-term vision for HBX involves developing and promoting mutual partnerships between academia and industry. 

“This isn’t going to be a one-off event,” Hershcovis emphasizes. “We plan to hold HBX a couple of times a year in different formats. Our vision is to foster a dialogue and a partnership that offers mutual benefits from each other’s insights.”

Hershcovis said that HBX is committed to being accessible and inclusive for all students, regardless of their background or area of study. 

“No matter who you are or what you study, this discussion around the digital world will impact your future,” Hershcovis asserts. “Many students are probably already using generative AI in their classrooms. HBX will help them prepare for the future by learning about the cutting-edge developments happening at Haskayne.”

For more information about HBX and ticket purchases, visit the Haskayne School of Business website.

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