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SLC discusses Student Appeals Policy Revisions and approves 2024-2025 budget

By Vama Saini, June 25 2024—

An SLC meeting took place on June 11 and discussed the General Faculties Council (GFC) meeting scheduled for June 13 and the approval of the 2024-2025 annual budget.

VP Academic Jessie Dinh led the discussion on the General Faculties Council (GFC) Caucus and raised significant concerns regarding the Student Appeals Policy Suite.

Dinh specifically highlighted sections that, according to the SU, undermine procedural fairness.

One major point of contention is Section 5.7, which bars the introduction of new material during an appeal.

“New material cannot currently be presented during an appeal for a student, which is something that really contributes to procedural fairness,” said Dinh. 

Another concern is Section 4.14, which involves the decision-making process regarding whether an appeal hearing should be oral or written.

“They’re trying to add a clause where a panel chair can decide whether it should be oral or written. Having a panel member decide can possibly cause an abuse of power,” explained Dinh. 

Lastly, Section 4.2 restricts students from receiving another hearing if they miss their appeal timeline of ten days.

“In any case where those students completely miss those 10 days, they are not allowed to come back for another hearing,” said Dinh. “This is not accessible and if students are for some reason in the hospital for those 10 days, we need a clause that will bring up exceptions for extenuating circumstances.”

Dinh underscored the necessity of attending the GFC meeting on June 13 to address these issues with the university’s legal team.

In addition to the GFC Caucus discussion, VP Internal Naomi Bakana presented the 2024-2025 annual budget. The SLC unanimously approved Resolution 82.05, which adopts the new budget.

A question was raised by the Gauntlet regarding any updates following the Special GFC meeting. President Ermia Rezaei-Afsah responded, detailing the procedural challenges encountered in adding items to the GFC agenda.

“In order to add something to the agenda, it had to go through the GFC execuitve, in which the president refused to add. We believe that he was in a conflict of interest based on the university code of conduct, as a call for a potential investigation would mean he would be one of the subjects of that potential investigation. 

“Because the president blocked our ability to add it in the GFC agenda, we are calling for that special GFC meeting which requires a quarter of all GFC members to sign in order for it to be initiated,” said Rezaei-Assah

Rezaei-Afsah highlighted ongoing efforts to call for a special GFC meeting aimed at discussing the events of May 9 and assessing the need for an investigation.

“The purpose of this entire motion was to debate freely, which the president hasn’t allowed, the events at May 9 and whether it appropriate for their to be an investigation,” said Rezaei-Afsah. 

For agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings, visit the SU website.

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