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Thomas Thomas//Photo by Vama Saini

Sled Island Day Four Recap: Sled Island x The Gauntlet present a night of indie bliss at PinBar

By Vama Saini, June 26 2024—

On June 22, the Gauntlet co-presented an electrifying evening at the PinBar for Sled Island Day Four, featuring a vibrant lineup of indie bands that kept the crowd captivated and craving more. Each performance delivered a distinct flavor of indie rock, creating a dynamic and unforgettable night of music.

Sea of Lettuce//Photo by Vama Saini

Thomas Thomas started the evening out with a radiant explosion of indie joy and sun-soaked surf vibes. The band brought their infectious pop-rock sound to Sled Island once more. Their music, characterized by fun, upbeat rhythms and irresistibly catchy hooks, exudes a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the mid-century but with a modern twist. Their performance was a carefully curated journey through tracks that felt both timeless and refreshing. Thomas Thomas set an uplifting and spirited tone, perfectly priming the audience for a night of stellar music.

Thomas Thomas//Photo by Vama Saini
Thomas Thomas// Photo by Vama Saini

Taking the stage next, cistern, a fresh indie rock band hailing from Squamish, delivered a performance that was both dynamic and electrifying. Their music, a riveting blend of jaunty tunes and post-punk edge, created an intricate yet pulsating soundscape that captivated the audience. With driving bass lines and sharp, angular guitar riffs, cistern’s sound evoked the tension and rawness characteristic of post-punk, yet their compositions also ventured into experimental territory. cistern’s ability to blend technical precision with a compelling, engaging presence marked their performance as a standout, enriching the night’s eclectic musical palette.

cistern//Photo by Vama Saini

Pearly Moon brought a mesmerizing fusion of retro aesthetics and modern edge to the lineup. Their 2024 debut release, Tragicomedy, weaves cosmic melodies and hypnotic rhythms, creating a soundscape that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. During their set, Pearly Moon guided the audience through a sonic journey filled with ethereal tunes and introspective beats. Pearly Moon’s ability to blend these elements into an immersive experience stood out as a highlight for those seeking a deeper, more introspective musical journey.

Pearly Moon//Photo by Vama Saini

Capping off the night, local favorites Sea of Lettuce brought the house down with their signature blend of reverb-drenched, sunny indie rock anthems. Since 2016, they’ve been perfecting their sound, and it showed. With four albums to their name, they delivered a set that was both refreshing and exhilarating, engaging the crowd with high-energy performances and infectious melodies. The band’s interactions with the audience between songs added a personal touch, enhancing the connection and anticipation for each upcoming track. Their set was a celebration of their musical journey, featuring tracks from their latest album, Any Day Now, which has become an essential soundtrack for the summer. Their electrifying set culminated in the crowd demanding another song, and Sea of Lettuce delivered, rounding off the night with a memorable and energetic finale.

Sea of Lettuce//Photo by Vama Saini
Sea of Lettuce//Photo by Vama Saini

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