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New music: Casper Skulls

By Matty Hume, December 5 2017 —

Torontonian quartet Casper Skulls caught nation-wide attention with their 2016 Lips & Skull EP. Only one year later, the group has delivered a synthesis of postpunk and dream-pop that’s nothing short of a … Read the rest


New music: Julien Baker

By Jason Herring, December 4 2017 —

The 2015 debut album from Tennessee’s Julien Baker was almost uncomfortably candid. The 22-year-old songwriter confided about being Christian, gay and suffering through depression and addiction through sparse arrangements that felt more like … Read the rest


New Music: Open Mike Eagle

By Thomas Johnson, October 10 2017 —

Los Angeles artist Open Mike Eagle once coined the genre ‘art rap,’ a loose term used to classify the avant-garde, often challenging brand of hip-hop stemming from fringe beat scenes. The music generally … Read the rest


New Music: Valiska

By Miriam Johnston, October 9 2017 — 

Calgary-based Polish musician Valiska has called his new album, On Pause, his most personal work. Valiska describes the eight-track ambient album as “charting a journey of loss and upheaval.”

This album appears to … Read the rest


New Music: Metz

By Matty Hume, October 9 2017 — 

Very few Canadian artists are able to claim a spot on the Polaris Music Prize shortlist with their debut album. In 2012, Toronto-based post-hardcore trio Metz became one of those few. While their … Read the rest

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