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New Music: Gabrielle Papillon

By Connor Sadler, March 19 2015 —

Canadian folk singer Gabrielle Papillon’s latest album, The Tempest of Old, is defined by its haunting melodies, created by the balance of Papillon’s minimalist vocals and compelling instrumentals. The songs are beautifully layered as instrumental and vocal pieces weave in and out, creating memorable soundscapes.

The opening track, “I Got You Well,” sets the tone for the album with a heavy atmosphere alongside Papillon’s soothing voice. Electric guitar is interspersed throughout the song, adding a sense of eerie discord. “Well Beneath” adds to this feeling with lingering lyrics and faded vocals, which lend a celestial ambience to the album. This is followed by “Brother Thrown Down,” a song that inspires gloom through steady percussion.

However, Papillon’s music is not all doom and gloom. “Idling” combines calming and engaging instrumentals and soft vocals to keep the listener interested and songs like “Preach Love” balance out the album with upbeat melodies and cheery vocals.

Papillon’s last album, Little Bug, had a more upbeat sound. By contrast, The Tempest of Old is overtly somber as the songs are softer, but are able to offer more emotion, depth and complexity.



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