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New Music: Purity Ring

By Liam Harrison, March 19 2015

With their first album, Shrines,  Edmonton duo Purity Ring successfully straddled underground indietronica and slow beat-centric trap in an accessible way, earning them fans from both camps.

Another Eternity finds Megan James and Corin Roddick melding themselves into the pop world. “Repetition” and “Flood on the Floor” could be the work of Drake, whilst “Push Pull” sounds like the basis for a Miley Cyrus track. While delving into pop is not always a bad thing, it brings problems for Purity Ring.

James’ silky and delicate voice is key to their sound. Though on
album- opener “Heartsigh,” it jars with brazen Skrillex-esque rave-sirens.

Another Eternity does have its moments of triumph. “Bodyache,” has James’ voice pushing the chorus to its apex, which contrasts nicely with the billowing harps in the verse. “Stranger Than Earth” has a gripping atmosphere and a subdued hook, with James repeating, “I wasn’t thinking about you,” before the song collapses into one of the few times those irritating synths work.

Another Eternity, despite its moments of beauty, feels like Purity Ring turned themselves from their natural territory towards appeasing those who wished the band sounded just a little more like everyone else.



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