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Local Spotlight: scarlettbear.

By Rachel Woodward, July 14 2016 —

Adam Mourad is a folk singer and songwriter currently based in Calgary. He goes by the stage name scarlettbear. and has created music since he was 13 and taught himself how to play the guitar.

After spending his childhood living around the world, Mourad dropped anchor in Calgary to explore his music, which he jokingly describes as “sad folk.”

“It’s a cathartic experience. When you’re feeling crappy about yourself or a situation, that’s what flows out of you, so it’s going to be a little sad,” says Mourad. “Loss is a big theme for me. It’s kind of what drives me to write music.”

Mourad’s music, while falling into his “sad folk” descriptor, also deals with serious themes of nature, politics and heartache.

Despite being well-traveled, Mourad says that there are musical opportunities in Calgary that are hard to find elsewhere.

“There’s opportunity here that you wouldn’t necessarily have in other places with more developed music scenes,” he says. “There’s a lot of original music right now and places are generally welcoming. You get the sense that something is starting.”

The demo tracks on his SoundCloud demonstrate the folk roots Mourad thrives in. Performing at open-mics, art events and bars, Mourad says he attempts to bring folk music back to its roots through his songs.

“If you think about what folk music is, it’s work music. It started off as a way to make the time pass faster so you can stay in a certain rhythm while you’re working. That’s what I think about when I write a song,” he says.

Scarlettbear. will play at Good Earth on 17th Ave. on July 15 and on July 22 at the Blind Beggar.

Mourad’s music can be found on SoundCloud under scarlettbear. as well as on YouTube.

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