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New Music: Les Gordon

By Derek Baker, October 4 2016 —

French artist Marc Mifune, better known under the stage name Les Gordon, released his five-song EP Abyss late last month. Abyss is his second release under alternative label Kitsuné records, establishing Les Gordon as solid member of the indie-electric genre.ENT_LesGordon

The titular opener gives a nod to his previous work. With a pleasant marimba beat, Mifune layers synthesizers and drum machines over deep distorted vocals. The song is relaxed in its style, as Mifune effortlessly juxtaposes organic sounds with electronic beats.

“Shiho and Kyoko” is a unique track. Though fairly repetitive in composition — the same five notes are played throughout in an ascending order with minor variation — Mifune sprinkles in acoustic instrumentation to keep it fresh. Unfortunately, the track becomes monotonous, leading my finger to hover over the skip button three-quarters of the way through.

Mifune continues these repetitive patterns in “Tazawako,” another dark song that experiments with unique instrumentation — there even is what sounds like a bouncing ping-pong ball providing some of the percussion. However, this time Mifune gives enough substance to keep listeners entertained throughout the duration of the track, giving the EP a second wind halfway through.

The final two songs feature vocals from Isreali musician Adi Ulmansky — known as ADI. Les Gordon does what he does best in “Déjà vu” — arguably the strongest track on the EP — creating a smooth bop by combining acoustic and electronic sounds highlighted by ADI’s vocals. Previously released single “Paradise” also lives up to its blissful name, suggesting Mifune in his new label is striving to create more accessible sound for a broader audience.

Though it departs slightly in style from his previous release, Abyss is a solid addition to Les Gordon’s repertoire. I am excited to see what he comes up with next.

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