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Elizabeth Cannon seen galavanting about MacHall like she owns the damn place

By Jason Herring, October 11 2016 —

After the Students’ Union injunction request failed, the University of Calgary will take control of MacHall for the duration of the ongoing lawsuit over the building’s ownership. The building was previously operated by the SU.

Students have reportedly witnessed U of C president Elizabeth Cannon already strutting around the building like she owns the damn place.

“Yeah, I saw Lizzy in MacHall yesterday,” second-year open studies student Nancy Brooks said. “She ordered an extra large triple-triple at Tim Hortons, took a sip and told the employee that it tasted as sweet as victory. Then she strutted back and forth across the building sipping it like she was the queen of the campus. Can you believe the nerve?”

When reached for a comment, Cannon made no bones about her excitement.

“$1.9 million dollars a year — imagine how many glass staircases you could build with that kind of money,” Cannon said in awe.


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