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Courtesy Christopher Massardo

Stylish short film highlights Canadian International Fashion Film Festival

By Jessica Cheng, May 26, 2017 —

Christopher Massardo’s two-minute short film, Deja Vu, features fashion you can wear time and time again. The film will show at the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival on May 28 at the Globe Cinema as  part of a screening of CANIFFF-nominated films.

Though the film itself could be described as hallucinogenic chic, the apparel featured isn’t avant-garde. In fact, it’s rather wearable and reasonably accessible. The contemporary and youthful style of the film is evident in its focus on familiar brands such as Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Ray-Ban.

The cinematography is effective in emulating a dream-like state, with each scene pulsing into the next as the camera shifts in and out of focus. It loops through images of flickering lashes, sensual stretches, blank stares and playful smiles. The model sports trends that have been popular for a few seasons, such as round reflective sunglasses, maxi skirts and dresses with high slits. There’s also a grungy aura that can be seen in the woman’s smoky eyes and dishevelled wavy hair.

The setting — a slightly run-down industrial building — is softened by filters that mimic a sunlit dreamscape, contributing to the grimy atmosphere. The model uses torn-up photographs of models as a live collage, adding a textural element to complement the digital nature of the piece.

The music’s rhythmic and repetitive beat matches the intensity of the hectic visual sequences. The model wears gowns, juxtaposing the casualness of her other garments. They add a touch of glamour but still manage to conform to the youthful understated tone of the film.

Deja Vu alludes to fashion providing a layer of armour — a shield to dissociate ourselves from the public. The film strives to imply that fashion can add confidence in situations of insecurity and should be a highlight of CANIFFF.

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