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U of C expels student for incorrect citations in profound victory for safe, inclusive campus

By Derek Baker, January 12 2018 —

After a deluge of public outcry regarding the condemnable acts of a student on campus, the University of Calgary has finally taken decisive action. Fourth-year science student Ronny Roxborough will be expelled from the university after using Chicago-style citations on an assignment that specifically asked for APA.

The university’s announcement comes after over a day of complete silence on the issue, possibly hoping the story would blow over.

“We’ve heard your concerns and are sympathetic to why students would not want to share a campus with individuals who have committed such reprehensible acts,” a U of C spokesperson said in a written statement. “By expelling this individual who cannot cite correctly, we’ve taken immediate action to ensure the safety of our campus community. Everything is fine now.”

Through the immediate expulsion of Roxborough, the U of C hopes to signify what conduct is acceptable for its students and the type of learning environment the university wants to provide.

“The U of C is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment on our campus. The blatant plagarism perpetrated by this student will not be tolerated,” the statement continued.

The U of C spokesperson then pointed towards a host of policies of the university that aim to foster a safe, welcoming space for its students.

When asked if any of its policies can be used as grounds for expulsion of students who are literally convicted sexual offenders, the spokesperson was hesitant to answer.

“We’ll have to review that, but expulsions are given to the most extreme of cases, like individuals who forget to put the page number after their in-text citation,” the university spokesperson said.


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