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2024 Grammy Picks and Predictions 

By Brooklyn Billinghurst, February 4 2024—

The Grammys: music’s most anticipated, and simultaneously loathed, night. As a fan of rock and alternative music, as well as independent artists, I’m quite used to seeing my faves not nominated, but happy to cheer my pop faves on from my couch. That being said, 2023 was a superb year for music, and the list of nominees was pleasantly surprising. I was delighted at the inclusion of indie-rock angels boygenius in so many of the categories, as well as three of the main categories all being mostly women. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular categories detailing who I think will win and who I think should win in each category. 

Record of the Year

Who will win:  “What Was I Made For?” [From The Motion Picture Barbie] by Billie Eilish

With the recent shift on social media platforms to be more music, or ‘sound’, focused, everyone gets sick of a song after a while, at no fault of the artist. Constant scrolling can lead to hearing a song hundreds of times; plenty of good songs have been ruined this way. That being said, I can’t think of a more beautiful, well-written track to go viral than “What Was I Made For?”. Yes, it was all over our feeds for literal months, but who can complain when Billie’s expertly controlled breathy vocals dance overtop of a gorgeous piano melody from Finneas? 

Who should win: “Not Strong Enough” by boygenius 

This hit from the trio winning would be a historic moment for women in rock. boygenius manages to balance the poetry, the beauty and the frustration of being a young woman in three minutes and fifty-five seconds. (Not to mention the expertly mixed bursting guitars and triumphant three-part harmonies that deserve a standing ovation of their own.) Seeing a three-part female rock band nab a trophy as esteemed as this would warm my cold, indie Converse-and-smeared-eyeliner-wearing heart. 

Although it would be a surprise given that her popularity is not as great as her fellow nominees, Victoria Monet receiving this award would set a cool precedent for rap and modern R&B, which tends to get snubbed in this category. 

Song of the Year

Who will win: “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift

This track, and Midnights as a whole, was bonkers popular last year, so either Swift will win Record of the Year, or Song of the Year. She seems more poised to win this category because it’s a songwriter’s category, and that’s what our girl does best. 

Who should win: “A&W” by Lana Del Rey 

Do I really have to explain this one? If the Grammys were up to me, I would make Lana’s new record exempt from the competition, because every aspect of it is technically flawless. It’s lyrically ingenious, vocally seductive and uses a diverse and interesting palette of production choices.

Best Rock Performance

Who will win: “Rescued” by Foo Fighters 

With the tragic passing of Foo Fighters’ beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins came a beautiful album from Dave Grohl and Co. about love and loss. This track is a pretty obvious exercise in catharsis for the band after losing Hawkins, but it’s done right. Where it could be a tacky cash grab based on the public’s grief of a rock legend, it is instead a tender, highly personal, lighters-up cut that you can dance and cry to. 

Who should win: “Sculptures of Anything Goes” by Arctic Monkeys 

Alex Turner and his Monkeys have been British rock darlings for years. As a band that has been around and beloved for that long, it would be easy to become stale. However, this track proves the Arctic Monkeys are far from that. This slinky, understated track from their latest album The Car is breaking new ground for the band. 

Best Rock Song

Who will win: “Rescued” by Foo Fighters

Do I really think this song is that good to think it’ll sweep two categories? Yes. But, I also know the Recording Academy loves to honour deceased musicians. I’m not saying that’ll be the only reason the Foos will take this category, because they’re arguably one of the greatest modern rock bands, but I think it’ll definitely weigh in. 

Who should win: “Emotion Sickness” by Queens of the Stone Age

This is a long-standing, well-loved rock act that is constantly reinventing its sound. It’s a mark of true musicianship on the band’s part and a credit to the sharp-tongued lyricism of Josh Homme. This track was stuck in my head all summer and still hasn’t gotten old. I also had the privilege of seeing QOSTA at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, and they are still at the top of their game after what many would consider their ‘prime’. 

Best Rock Album

Who should win: But Here We Are by Foo Fighters

Listen, the Academy loves to play it safe with who wins in these categories. The Foos are the safest bet here. I do think this record is deserving of this award; it’s put together really beautifully, Grohl’s vocals are balanced nicely and the writing is superb. However, in terms of innovation of the genre, this album is perhaps not the strongest example of that. Again, I think the passing of Hawkins will come into play here. 

Who should win: This is Why by Paramore

This one was a tough one for me, as Queens of the Stone Age were also nominated, but when I think about which band made the better overall record, Paramore takes the cake. This is Why is a highly textured album from the group, with funky highs and powerful lows, all supported by the eternally excellent vocals from Hayley Williams. From the first listen, tracks like the titular “This is Why” and “Running Out of Time” were instantly stuck in my head. In a world of desperate virality with music, I think writing a catchy, but not annoying, hook and chorus should be celebrated.

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