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Journey through your mind at Mirror Mirror 

By Leonie O’Sullivan, March 11 2024—

Mirror Mirror is an immersive art experience at CF Chinook Centre in Calgary, featuring nine interactive art installations. Inspired by the beauty and boundless potential of the mind, each installation explores a specific theme, including perception, memory, identity and consciousness. The journey unfolds with a choose-your-own-adventure style, beginning with a decision between three doors — red, fuchsia or yellow. On my visit, the yellow door was sealed, simplifying my choice and leading me towards the fuchsia door.

Stepping into the “Into The Moon” installation, I was greeted by the sound of twinkling stars, a suspended moon in the sky and a flowing curtain. The space exuded dreaminess, enhanced by the bean bag chairs inviting you to relax and gaze above. Passing through the curtain, I found myself in the “Memory Storage” exhibit. The music slowly transformed into a lively techno beat, synchronized with lights illuminating a metal scaffolding. The lights resembled firing neurons, dedicated to the potency of music to evoke memories. At the end of the room, I was treated to the “Open Window” piece; this was one of my favourite parts and is dedicated to the collective unconscious. The window pulls words from visitor entries and uses artificial intelligence to craft a poem with those words.

Nestled in the corner, a door opened up to the “River Of Now.” To children’s and adults’ delight, an interactive river of light flowed across the ground. The lively cumbia-style Latin music animated the room, encouraging visitors to add their own creativity with musical steps. Retracing my steps, I found the door to “Moodscape,” the trippiest exhibit. My breath was taken away by a room filled with euphoric music and a thick, colourful fog that shifted hues to reflect various everyday moods. A thought-provoking sign asked, “What’s your weather like today?”

Entering “Cloud Alley,” I encountered a less thrilling section with layers of curtains to walk through. Despite its simplicity, the experience was accompanied by the tranquil sounds of bird noises overhead. This led to the next installation, “Mirrors Of Tomorrow,” where visitors stood before a camera and posed a question in their mind before drawing a card with their body’s movement. Afterward, visitors could retrieve the card to read the insights.

I then found the ultimate exhibit, “Forest Of Echoes,” and it turned out, by chance, I had saved the best for last. Within this exhibit, I wandered through a dark room filled with beams of light that looked like they were reflected off the crispest diamonds. The reflection of light parallels the multiple sides of our personalities. Magical music mixed with the sounds of the forest filled the room. This space invites visitors to get lost in the forest and maybe even find themself in the process. Unfortunately, after searching for some time, I learned that the ninth exhibit “Cosmic Jumble,” was closed. 

Mirror Mirror offers a unique experience for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking visual stimulation alone or hoping to explore the underlying meanings of the exhibits, a great time awaits you. The pricing, particularly for students, is steep — I paid $30. However, if you plan ahead, you can take advantage of a weekday visit for as low as $18. For those looking to enjoy a fun, stimulating, and mind-opening experience, make sure to visit before Mirror Mirror leaves on March 17.

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