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New Music: Disclosure

By Joie Arejira, October 20 2015 —

English electronic duo Disclosure emerged in 2013 with their debut album, Settle, containing a collection of singles that haven’t left the radio waves since. The group, composed of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, now return with their sophomore effort, Caracal. The release continues their UK garage and house style while including guest vocals from artists of all genres.

Disclosure still boasts the same vibrating rhythm and electrifying beats of their first album, though there are a few twists. The duo mix their electronic tunes with hints of synth-pop and R&B. The resulting sound is similar to their first album, but the songs are much more thrilling. ENT_Disclosure_Cover

Guest vocalists bring vibrancy to Caracal’s tracks. The smooth vocalizations of simple and poetic lyrics from these contributors complement the ambient, skipping beats. The Weeknd features on album opener “Nocturnal,” contributing his contemporary R&B style for a song that’s sure to soundtrack many late nights at the club. And Sam Smith collaborates with Disclosure again after the smash-hit “Latch” to lend his angelic voice in the upbeat lead-single “Omen.”

“Holding On” adapts a different mood, featuring jazz vocalist Gregory Porter and offering heavier and more distinct beat drops. Indie-pop star Lorde lends soothing vocals to “Magnets,” a straightforward electro-pop tune.

The album concludes with “Masterpiece,” a neo-soul collaboration with Australian crooner Jordan Rakei that fans of D’Angelo will love. All these guests bring an energy that brilliantly complement Disclosure’s subtle and calculated tinkering.

But the brothers succeed even without bringing guests into the studio. “Jaded” stuns with hints of 80’s music, as Howard sings about growing tired of the current state of EDM music.

Unfortunately, most tracks don’t justify their length and never reach a climactic conclusion. Tunes like “Hourglass” hint at electronic bursts but never explode into full-fledged bangers. Despite this, Disclosure gives each song a life of its own, and are sure to keep electronic music enthusiasts entertained.

On Caracal, Disclosure sparks UK garage and house music, keeping the genre alive while adding to the electronic music scene.

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