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Jarrett Edmund

Edmonton musician blends traditional folk and punk

By Jarrett Edmund, March 15 2016 —

As a solo artist, performances are inherently intimate. The audience’s attention is fixed on a single individual, where the connection between the artist and the viewer serves as the emotional core of the performance. For Edmonton musician Cassia Hardy, live shows are all about connecting with her audience.

“I think it’s something special to have someone solo go up — to make a connection with the audience without a backbeat,” Hardy says. “I’m an emotional wreck after a show.”

Under her stage name, Wares, Hardy has been making these connections for years. Her captivating and energetic live performances blend elements of heavy-hitting punk ballads with traditional folk songwriting.

“I started out very much as a folk player,” Hardy says. “I keep a notebook on me at all times and I write down anything that could possibly be lyrical. It takes me months.”

As a solo performer, Hardy stresses the importance of a thoughtful writing process.

“When it’s just your instrument and your voice there does need to be quite a bit of lyrical heft for the song to carry through,” she says.

Music fans are starting to take notes of their own. After releasing two EPs since 2013 and being featured in Noisey in 2014, Hardy is set to release a new 7” record, with each side featuring a very different sound.

“I tried to make the songs as different as I could. But they’re both in the same key. They both have the same five chords and they’re both in the same time.” Hardy says. “My thing was to try and show people how different something can be when you use the same ingredients.”

Wares’ vinyl release party takes place Friday, March 25 at Tubby Dog on 17 Ave. She will be joined by local staples We Knew, Monty and Samantha Savage Smith. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. and tickets cost $10.

Wares’ music can be found online here.

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