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Hear the music of DreamWorks at the philharmonic

By Gurman Sahota, January 24 2017 —

For animation connoisseurs and anyone who likes a cute children’s movie, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra will present DreamWorks in Concert.

The concert will feature clips from nostalgic DreamWorks movies including Kung Fu Panda and Shrek, as well as lesser known films like Rise of the Guardians.

There will be montages of each movie on screens, with the orchestra cued to play scores that complement the films.

CPO artistic operations administrator Jason Stasiuk says Calgary will host the concert after its success in the United States.

“A lot of times the audience doesn’t realize that there’s so much music going on underneath the film,” Stasiuk says. “So to come away from this show, you’re going to [have] an appreciation of all kinds of movies.”

The orchestra will rehearse and perfect the scores for the concert in about two days.

Keeping in mind a changing — and in particular, younger — audience, Stasiuk says the CPO hopes to provide an eclectic season for both veterans and newcomers.

“We’re always trying to expand our audience. Our classics will always be our staples, but finding new ways to bring new people to see the orchestra is always a challenge that we have,” he says. “So doing things like DreamWorks and Disney brings those people and families in as well.”

With the impact of variation, the CPO strives to bring season after season of changing material with classics punctuating more contemporary and somewhat popular concerts. Stasiuk says the amalgamation of old and new keeps the orchestra fresh and provides new and exciting material for musicians to work with.

Hits such as Madagascar and Shrek will highlight the concert, playing on the recognizability of the films. Additionally, How to Train Your Dragon will also be featured — a film score medley that may not be as recognizable.

Stasiuk hopes the performance will bring audiences back for other concerts.

“I hope we just get new people in the door and come back for another concert and they see what the orchestra is capable of doing,” Stasiuk says. “We’re not just about the classics or the pops, but we can do a lot more. Hopefully you come to DreamWorks and everyone leaves having a good time.

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra will present DreamWorks in Concert on Jan. 27 and Jan. 28  at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Ticket prices vary.

For more information, visit calgaryphil.com

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