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MakeFashion brings science and technology to the Telus Spark Science Centre runway

By Gloria Beltran, March 28, 2017 —

Wearable technology is a new trend in the fashion industry as more advanced technology developes each day. This year’s MakeFashion gala will showcase the works of several engineers and robotics enthusiasts who paired with artists and fashion designers from across the globe to make wearable technology. The gala will take place on April 1 at the Telus Spark Science Centre.

The 2017 MakeFashion gala will feature an hour-long runway show with live music, followed by an afterparty where the audience can interact with the designers. Accessories developed by a team of fifth-grade students will be available for purchase at the gala.

Co-founder Maria Elena Hoover says the event will present international cultures and stories.

“The show that we see in Calgary is the biggest show that we have,” Hoover says. “There’s 36 pieces that are brand-new, telling all sorts of stories from around the world. Our event is something that is celebrated internationally [and] we have an opportunity in Calgary to sit in the front row seat.”

Hoover says MakeFashion allows people to engage with wearable technology and introduces a new form of self-expression for those who feel they aren’t represented in modern society.

“Fashion technology gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in a more meaningful way,” she says. “What we’re doing is the future of fashion [by] allowing our bodies to be the interface.”

In the past, MakeFashion designers have created simple pieces such as Tech Ties — programmed to store information and take photos — and the Smart Suit with
built-in wireless charging and phone locator, to more intricate designs like the GamerGirl, a party dress with a playable game built-in. The GamerGirl design also incorporated RGB LED lights that reacted to whether the player wins or loses. Other pieces include robotic wings and 3D-printed accessories.

This year’s gala will take place April 1 from 8:00 p.m. until midnight at the Telus Spark Science Centre. Tickets are $30 for students.

For more information, visit makefashion.ca

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