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Fall Campus style highlights favourites that make a spring return to the U of C

by Emilie Medland-Marchen, April 04, 2017 —

With warmth returning to the city, style on campus is changing.

The Gauntlet took a look back at some fashion from fall 2016 that is leaking into spring. We reviewed the top trends of this year on campus — encompassing everything from the comeback of chokers, to ice-blonde hair and seasonal colours.

Sarah Vooys (Sept. 8 issue) ENT_09_02_JustinQuaintance_weekly_fashion_campus_style-1

Sarah helped us ring in the academic year with this beautiful coordinated look in September 2016. We noticed the bounce in her step and the smile on her face before the bright red of her umbrella caught our eye.

Her demeanour matched her cheerful threads and we were deeply impressed with the detailing of this outfit when we got up close and personal. The navy trench is a lovely pairing with knee-high rubber rainboots. The dusty red of her umbrella compliments an equally matched oversized purse. Hints of a black and white striped dress peek out from beneath her trenchcoat. As impressed as we were with her pieces, it was the outfit’s affordability that solidified this look as one of the top of the year. The price and matching elements give this outfit a vintage posh appeal that’s to die for.


Dominique Serina (Sept. 22 issue)ENT_09_19_Justin_Quaintance_campus_style-2-2

Dominique’s outfit is the quintessential 2016 look — black-on-black items create a crisp silhouette that reflects last winter’s professional goth vibes. A split middle part, heavy brow, choker necklace and high-waisted jeans will go down in fashion history as the “it girl” look of 2016.

The choker had its moment in the spotlight for the first time since the ‘90s, but Dominique takes the trend one step further by layering her choker overtop of a black turtleneck. This small but ingenious detail pairs nicely with the silver buttons of her high-waisted jeans.

An oversized H&M blazer adds texture over withdrawn, skin-tight threads. Dominique polishes this piece off with the U of C winter basic — a leather heeled ankle boot punctuated by a rolled up hem. We couldn’t pick a better look to represent this year’s biggest styles on campus.


Jana MacDonald (Nov. 17 issue)ENT_Justin_Quaintance_Campus_Style (1 of 1)

We’re obsessed with Jana MacDonald. Whether it’s her Ruby Rose aesthetic, incredible poise or the fact that when we took her picture she gave us a perfect pout, Jana has the whole package. The way she puts it all together is absolutely stunning.

Her slicked-back pixie cut and ice-blonde dye job is a dramatic look that can be difficult to pull off, but Jana styles it perfectly here. Her short crop is contrasted by an oversized scarf that reminds us of that Lenny Kravitz fashion moment from 2012. Like Kravitz, Jana oozes a don’t-give-a-shit attitude and a cool confidence that most of us can only hope to replicate and she looks pretty good doing it.

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