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Photos by Scott Christensen

Bodega puts a spin on Mexican-Carribean classics

By Scott Christensen, June 9, 2017 —

Bodega is a Mexican-Caribbean fusion restaurant on 10th St. in Kensington. Only a block from the Sunnyside LRT station, it’s an ideal stop for students looking to try new food in the city. ARTS_Bodega_ScottChristensen-0667

Those on a budget can find relief in Bodega’s student-friendly prices. With generous portions, each dollar goes far in fueling your hunger for some sweet Mexican-Caribbean cuisine. The tacos don’t skimp on the fillings and the nachos have a solid balance of ingredients — they could easily feed two or three people.

The menu also has Spanish breakfast items on top of more traditional Mexican and Caribbean options. There are even vegetarian substitutes for the Jamaican patties and the Bodega tacos, but these are harder to come by on the menu.

ARTS_Bodega_ScottChristensen-0670With a clear view into the kitchen, I could see Bodega keeps their ingredients warm in pots. The fact that the ingredients were prepared prior to ordering meant a shorter wait-time for the food. And when the food arrived, it was well-plated and didn’t look rushed.

As far as aesthetics go, don’t expect to walk into a fiesta- or tropical-themed joint. The interior is minimalistic with only a few colourful paintings on the wall. It’s a small restaurant, with eight or nine tables and a counter to sit at. At peak hours this is a drawback.

Bodega is simplistic, but the food and service more than make up for the straightforward design. And if there isn’t anywhere to sit, you can always order take-out. When it’s not busy, Bodega is the perfect place for an affordable and filling feast.

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