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Eat chocolate for better sex

By Christie Melhorn, February 7 2018 — 

Chocolate’s velvety texture, rich hue and indulgent flavour merit its romantic connotation. From heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to the stereotypical movie scenes of couples lustfully feeding it to each other, chocolate, is a deeply engrained in our cultural subconscious as a symbol of love and lust. Here’s why you should savour a square of chocolate with your partner before getting it on.

Boosts sexual arousal:

There’s a physiological component to chocolate’s sensuous status. In a University of Vita-Salute San Raffealle study, women who consumed chocolate daily demonstrated higher sexual function compared to those who didn’t have any. It contains small quantities of the mood-boosting compound phenethylamine which induces an excitement and restlessness reminiscent of being in love. This makes chocolate a pretty powerful tool of attraction when you’re in the mood.

Loaded with natural stimulants:

In a University of Australia study, nutrition researcher George Crichton found that chocolate can improve cognitive function. Its moderate caffeine content is a natural stimulant, improving alertness and easing anxiety. It also produces the neurotransmitter anandamide that triggers a blissful sensation reminiscent of being high but without the physical and mental disorientation, making it an optimal “love drug.”

However, the high sugar content in most commercial chocolate can sabotage great sex by making you feel sluggish and unmotivated. Go for minimally processed dark chocolate by fair trade brands like Pascha, Sweetriot and Alter Eco. They contain way less sugar than the glossy packaged bars loaded with caramel goo and corn syrup. It’s pricier but worth it for the flavour and effect. Although sometimes nothing is as enjoyable as the nostalgic taste of a  junky Mars or Snickers bar.

Sharing food is extremely affectionate:

Food intersects with multiple areas of our lives and identities. Sharing the experience of new flavours and sensations with someone has incredible bonding power — especially if you feed each other. The physical contact and intimacy of feeding your sexual partner decadent foods like chocolate creates a strong sense of trust — and lust.  Doing so can bring greater emotional meaning to sex with that person and a more satisfying sexual experience.

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