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Photo courtesy Rumble Boxing Studio

Four funky YYC fitness studios

By Tori Taylor, May 31 2019 —

YYC has amped up its boutique fitness game over the last couple of years. Our city has a plethora of high-end, unique studios ready to kick your ass. There is absolutely no reason to feel bored with your current workout routine. Not feeling your next spin class? Try a versaclimber. Wanting some added spice to your yoga class? Try doing it in a hammock. Looking for a change up to your spin class? Row it out. With so many specialty fitness centres available in Calgary, there is never a reason to feel vanilla about keeping your body strong.

Junction 9:

This studio offers an upbeat, calorie-blasting option for a cardio-based workout. The instructors are well-trained and highly energized. Several innovative HIIT style classes are offered. Their “reformer jump” class uses trampolines to work your core and stabilizer muscles way beyond your regular abs workout. Being in a group class allows you to draw motivation from your neighbours and keep that momentum up as you sweat it out. Start as a team and end as a team. It is a great way to keep yourself going on days when you’d rather do anything other than cardio. Take a look through their website or instagram updates @junction_9

Kult Fitness:

This centre is a solid butt-whooping in the best possible way. Kult offers a few different types of classes but their main event is the versaclimber. This machine is crazy and a hundred per cent full-body party. The versaclimber is a stationary machine that stands up right. Exercise is performed in a neutral position and the impact is quite low. Do not confuse low-impact with an easier workout. It requires the entire body and does not allow for any slacking off. The versaclimber will make your soul sweat. Kult also offers specialized bootcamps multiple times during the day.  Check them out online or on Instagram @kultyyc

Fit Republic:

Time to elevate your yoga practice. Literally. Fit Republic offers an antigravity yoga class. You will use a hammock style apparatus as you’re guided by excellent instructors. Reap the benefits of a decompressed spine as you stretch and flow above the ground with no impact. Yoga is a phenomenal addition to any athletes workout regime. Keep it interesting by looking for fun classes with unique elements. If you are a runner or a cyclist, antigravity yoga might be the perfect way to release lower back and hip tension. Get registered online.

Rumble Boxing:

This is my personal favourite. Rage therapy is not a new idea in the fitness world but it has taken a popular turn. Rumble offers two types of workouts and both their bootcamps and heavy-bag boxing classes will leave you drenched and full of endorphins. This studio is welcoming and the instructors are happy to make even the most beginner level boxer feel at home. Boxing is a calorie-blaster and great cardio workout. The offered bootcamps are next-level. If you’re looking for a place to get strong and feel amazing, try out Rumble. Heavy hits in a dark, nightclub-style room with lit music will bring out your inner badass and put you in a great mood. Find out more online or take a look at class previews and their team on instagram @rumbleboxing

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