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Thorgy Thor teams up with Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

By Britney Le, November 22 2019 —

Thorgy Thor and the Thorchestra was no doubt a memorable, side-splitting and unique performance with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to being a professional drag queen, Thorgy Thor gave a spectacular performance that combined classical pieces with modern music, showcasing her musical talent on violin and cello. I personally found her vibrato amazing. Beginning with some classic Beethoven with an energetic and peppy twist, the concert instantly captivated the audience. Thorgy, bursting with attitude and drama, swept us away with her violin skills. She truly lives up to the title of the “queen of classical music.” 

Conducting the orchestra was Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser who led the performers with passion and genuine love for the art. Together, Daniel and Thorgy brought forth a performance like no other. From Tchaikovsky to “Uptown Funk,” each piece drew thunderous applause and cheers from the audience, myself included. We laughed, clapped, and even sang “O Canada” together with the orchestra. Throughout the entire concert, Thorgy brought the heat with energy and sass which translated to the audience. By putting a modern twist on classical pieces, Thorgy and the Thorchestra brought two different worlds together. 

With support and partnership from Calgary Pride, the show highlighted critical moments in the history of the LGBTQ+ community. Inclusivity was a huge topic throughout the concert. People from all walks of life were in attendance and it was interesting and heartwarming to see so much diversity in the concert hall. Thorgy Thor and the Thorchestra has long since been Thorgy’s dream to pull off, and from the turnout and reaction from the audience that night, I’d say it was a huge success. Having studied violin, cello, and viola in university, Thorgy stunned us all with her beautiful musical ability all while bringing personality and energy to the performance. 

Thorgy spiced up the evening with personal stories about herself, laugh-out-loud jokes, spicy drag queen secrets and plenty of hilarious commentary. I was there clapping, laughing, and cheering with the audience around me. It was a totally different experience compared to other orchestral concerts that I’ve attended but I am so glad that I went to see Thorgy and the Thorchestra. My hands hurt from clapping, my throat is sore from cheering and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

To close, the concert was beautifully played by Thorgy and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and brought people together through music and comedy.

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