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Fall fashion staples – pandemic edition

By Eula Mengullo, November 8 2020—

While fall remains my most favourite season to dress up for, it has been arguably difficult to get ready when you have nowhere to go to except Zoom University. Here, I’ve divided my fall fashion wardrobe into two sections between 1) what I usually wear when and if I go out, and 2) what I wear on a daily basis, now that classes are online. 

Going out essentials:

Wool coats:

One of my classic favourites for fall is outerwear that is simultaneously cozy and stylish. Wool coats have been my staple for the past two years because they are extremely convenient — especially during pre-covid chilly mornings when I would have to leave home before sunrise. They are not too heavy nor too light — perfectly suitable for the fall weather. 

Sweaters and turtlenecks:

These are everyone’s essentials for the sweater weather. Comfy sweaters have always been a go-to for me, but even more so since the pandemic hit. I now wear them daily for casual Zoom calls, or even just lounging at home. I usually prefer them to be a little larger than my size for extra warmth and comfort. There are also a variety of styling options that you can use on an oversized sweater to give it a more ‘effortlessly chic’ vibe. You can wear a collared shirt underneath it to spice things up, or you can layer minimal necklaces on top to make them look a little more fancy.  

As for turtle necks, they have always been a classic staple because of their versatility and can be easily dressed up or down. They look great on their own, but can be layered with other pieces of clothing. Depending on my mood and the weather, I usually like to layer them with a scarf or I leave them on their own and pair them with some dainty necklaces instead.

Photo by Mariah Wilson

Ankle boots:

Low-heeled ankle boots are great if you want to easily make any outfit look fashionable. I would wear them daily during pre-pandemic days because they just made any outfit look more put-together. I have them in both suede and leather, although I use the leather ones more regularly. Suede is typically more high-maintenance and I recommend using them more often when the weather is dry to avoid them from getting muddy. 


For warmer fall days, I have recently been loving a pair of loafers because they can make a simple outfit look a lot more chic. If you want to look more professional without having to wear heels, then these are definitely fit for the occasion. They also go well with a nice pair of jeans and can make any casual outfit appear more fashionable. I usually use them as a substitute for my white sneakers when I want my outfit to look more classy while still staying comfortable. 

High waisted paperbag pants:

These have been my personal favourite for a while now. Depending on the occasion and your preference, they can be easily styled, casually or professionally. To me, they are a stylish substitute for sweatpants, because they can make any outfit look effortlessly sophisticated. Being a minimalist, I usually pair them with a basic tee or turtleneck for casual fits, or I throw on a blazer if I am going somewhere more formal. 

Stay-at-home essentials: 

Sweatpants and high waisted pants:

Let’s be real, most of us have opted for a nice pair of sweatpants more than we would like to admit. Especially now that classes are online, wearing jeans have felt so foreign that I would much rather put on a quality pair of sweatpants instead. Ideally, I like them in solid colors like gray or black, but lately, I have been trying to incorporate some colour into my wardrobe, so I have also been eyeing some pastels. 

Crew neck sweaters:

I usually do not hop on fashion trends, but after constantly seeing them on Instagram, I have made a mental note to invest in a couple of quality crewneck sweaters. I personally like the neckline most because it’s ideal for layering necklaces. I think they are also perfectly suitable for everyday wear and can be easily styled while still staying comfortable.

Photo by Mariah Wilson


Saving the best for last, my outfits never feel complete unless I add a little — or a lot of — sparkle to them. For as long as I can remember, my favourite part of dressing up has always been picking jewelry to wear with my outfits. I partially owe my passion for quality jewelry to my mom and aunt, and I have come to appreciate them myself throughout the years. I personally feel that wearing jewelry can make any occasion more eventful, which is even more helpful to me now that classes are online. 

My everyday jewelry staples include stackable rings, tiny gold hoops earrings, a gold bangle, and sometimes a necklace or two, depending on how I want to style them.

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