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Cover by Namratha Badawadagi

Gauntlet Mixtape Vol. 15: Anti-Love

By Namratha BadawadagiAnsharah ShakilMegan Koch, Emma Swanson, Valery Perez, Temitope Sowunmi, Dianne Miranda, Ava Zardynezhad, Sheroog Kubur, Ramiro Bustamante Torres, February 28 2023

This season can be a tough time for the heartbroken but the Gauntlet is here to the rescue! This February, let’s ditch the love and instead embrace misery. After all, there is nothing more cathartic than indulging in our sad feelings and listening to a playlist that only makes us all the more melancholic. 


“Not About Love” by Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple’s music always amazes me with how carefully crafted and clever it is. I love listening to her, and I love this song especially because it could so easily be cliche, but instead it is poetic and both sad and happy at once. I feel like it fits with the theme of “Anti-Love” and the regrets which often surround Valentine’s Day.

“Party for One” by Carly Rae Jepsen:

This song is probably one of my favourite songs by Carly Rae Jepsen. It never fails to cheer me up. February can be hard when you’re single, so I love how this song celebrates self-love.


“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus:

This song is on the radio. On TikTok. In my DREAMS. I can’t get it out of my head ever, and you know what? That’s okay. This song slaps.


“Go Away” by Weezer

I picked this song because I think it represents anti-love pretty well and is sad but also not too sad. Sometimes you need to end a relationship and it can be heartbreaking and for the best at the same time.


“El Pañuelo” by Rosalia, Romeo Santos 

This song is all about how loving someone can be so one-sided and so damaging. Unreciprocated love is one of the worst things out there. Rosalia says “don’t do it” and I recommend you listen to her.

“She Dances” by Billie Marten 

It’s rough out here man. Dating sucks and the men aren’t cutting it, yet I still refuse to settle. Because of said refusal, I spend a lot of time alone…which can sometimes get lonely (not always, but sometimes). This song perfectly encompasses when it does.

“Thumbs” by Zander Hawley

Regret. All love is sometimes is regret. Zander gets it.


“Nobody Gets Me” by SZA

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year, brought to us by the amazingly talented SZA. With its soothing melodic and sentimental vibe, “Nobody Gets Me” gives me nostalgia, as I reminisce on certain things that occurred in my teenage years. It does this, whilst giving me unexplainable courage to keep striving to achieve my goals in life, knowing that feelings of emotional downturns are not always subjective, but absolutely human.

“iRobot” by Jon Bellion 

This song represents an emotionless being that experiences the aftermaths of their heart being ripped out, which in this case could represent their ability to love. This song, as cold and as brutally honest as it is, in its figuratively and excellently crafted lyrics, brings light to my ears every single time it is played. I love its tune, its message and how it makes me want to be completely honest with myself about my feelings all the time.

“All Of Us (Ashawo)” by Fireboy DML

Sung by one of my favourite artists ever, this song represents a modern-day society as shown and influenced by the internet, where people decide to forfeit the seemingly “old-fashion” ideas of love and commitment, and have multiple partners. Apart from “All Of Us” being a very catchy and popular Afropop song, it reinforces the need for people to deeply consider the standards they set in relationships. Although it does so by unintentionally encouraging infidelity, it makes me question, what is even the whole point of falling in love?


“Night Shift” by Lucy Dacus 

I think that this is one of the best breakup songs that explores what happens after a breakup. I think for a lot of people, a relationship can restructure their lives to the extent that they become so intertwined, and so this song wonderfully speaks to how to move on and avoid an ex-lover.

“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths

This is a typical Morrissey song about a person who is upset or depressed and doesn’t want to waste any more time on thoughtless people.

“I Bet on Losing Dogs” by Mitski 

This speaks to the harsh realities of some relationships — that is that they are toxic/not a good relationship to be in yet sometimes we just all want love and so we stay in such a relationship


“I Don’t Love You” by My Chemical Romance 

When it comes to anti-love pop-punk classics, everyone always thinks of “Mr. Brightside” first. As iconic of a song that is, I much prefer to scream my heart out to this underrated ballad by MCR.

“Winner Takes it All” by ABBA

This is a heartbreak essential. A karaoke session of belting out this track, and you’re cured.

“Dancing on My Own” by Robyn 

This is a bop for when you wanna dance it out but also wanna have a good cry.


“He Wasn’t Man Enough” by Toni Braxton

Ms. Braxton was so real for this because as a man why are you doing things when you know what you could’ve had?

“What Goes Around…/…Comes Around” by Justin Timberlake

I’ve been revisiting the greatest male pop album of our generation, FutureSex/LoveSounds, while trying to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. That opening guitar is enough to make me cut off communication with all men in my life regardless of if we dated or not.

“Instant Crush” by Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas

This is the only song that’s anti-love but melancholic for all the hopeless romantics out there. It’s about what could’ve been but respecting that it’s a thing of the past. This is the only time I’ll ever be sentimental this Valentine’s Day.


“Jigsaw” by Conan Gray

There are so many songs out there that talk about being loved for who you are and I’ve had just about enough of those. “Jigsaw” tackles the opposite: completely changing yourself for someone else and still not being able to pull them.

“Anti-Romantic” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER 

This song is about being disappointed by love, giving up and being afraid to try again. Sometimes you just have to let your jaded feelings fester and have yourself a pity party when romance goes sour.

“Love is a Losing Game” by Amy Winehouse

It’s a simple and sad song reminding you that even if things are going well right now, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. I hope you all keep that in mind this Valentine’s Day!


“Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

This is the OG breakup song for me. Who doesn’t want to let their ex know that their life is better without them? If you see me driving down Deerfoot listening to this banger, know I will be singing along with my whole chest.

“Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce feat. Shakira

Who would’ve thought two queens of music could be cheated on like that? Goes to say that no matter what a baddie you are, someone who is MID will fumble the bag. It’s better to realize that if you did what you could then you’re not the problem.

“Love, You’re A Whore” by Regina Spektor

However sad you can get after a bad relationship or even failed crush, one day you will wake up and forget why you were so hung up with that one person. This song really sings about the ups and downs of love and how unexpectedly we can jump back in.


“Dead To Me” by Kali Uchis 

Some say that the opposite of love isn’t hate but apathy, and this song has made me wholeheartedly agree. 

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