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Photo of crowd at Sloth Records for Narcissistic Necrosis (@narcissisticnecrosis) by Daman Singh

Sled Island showcases a wide array of genres for everyone

By Ansharah Shakil, Julieanne Acosta, June 23 2022—

Day two of Sled Island was packed through the late afternoon to night with shows ranging from heavy metal to melodic indie folk. The Gauntlet caught two sets to really show the range that Sled Island has to offer this year.

Narcissistic Necrosis

Heavy metal duo and local band Narcissistic Necrosis were the first to perform at Sloth Records on Thursday to a packed and crowded room of fans. The duo’s respective instruments intertwined together with easy confidence, and their furious beats were loud enough to thud inside your throat so that the audience could feel the music they were playing and not just hear it. William BigCrow’s snarled vocals and Jayden Walker’s clanging drums ended their set off with a head-banging tune. Each moment of silence between songs was intensified by the energetic howls of the music, allowing Sloth Records to truly come alive during Narcissistic Necrosis’s performance.

With the massive crowd fitting into a small space — showing the dedication of the duo’s fans — we were unfortunately not able to get pictures of the band performing. Needless to say, you didn’t have to see them to hear the passion in their music.


Photo of Hermitess (@_hermitess_) by Daman Singh

After Narcissistic Necrosis played at Sloth Records, the Gauntlet headed over to Modern Love’s patio stage. A refreshing sound — Hermitess combines layered instrumentals with a dreamy voice that produces an incredibly unique set.

Photo of Hermitess (@_hermitess_) by Daman Singh

The lead vocalist’s harmonic voice was enough to captivate anyone. But, alongside the instruments that accompanied the vocals, Hermitess had all eyes glued to the stage.

Photo of Hermitess by Daman Singh
Photo of Hermitess by Daman Singh

Hermitess reimagines what harp music is with her take on folk-chamber music effectively making the audience feel like they’re in a dream.

For more information on upcoming Sled Island performances, visit their website.

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