2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

2024 SU general election: Senate representatives

In this year’s Students’ Union (SU) general election, two candidates are running uncontested for the Board of Governors, senate representatives. The U of C Senate is comprised of members from the general public, alumni, students and employed educators and academics who bridge the gap between the university and the wider community. The senate representatives meet with the senate to voice student concerns. 


Photo courtesy Muntaha Aamir

Muntaha Aamir is running uncontested for one of the two Senate representative positions. In an interview with the Gauntlet, Aamir expands on her main platform points which fall under student safety and well-being, equality, diversity and inclusion and affordability. 

In her point on student safety, Aamir notes that she will advocate for greater support and funding for sexual violence support and their support team. 

“Technically this is a work in progress. I’ve already submitted my quality money applications and that includes stuff like physical tangible resources, like hygiene products. This also includes travel vouchers and a space on campus where you might be able to make a phone call or just a private space,” said Aamir. 

When asked about her she will improve campus security, Aamir notes that these services are not well utilized. 

“The thing with campus security, and just like wellness services, is that we have them but they’re not well utilized and they’re not really well kept up,” said Aamir. “I want to make sure that going forward, that there’s more in place that makes sure that students are aware of what is available to them.” 

Aamir’s past experience shows her ability to handle the responsibilities of this position and shows that she is able to take action on her goals. 


Photo credit Liz Andrews

Elsa Stokes is another candidate for the Senate position. Having served as the faculty representative for the Werklund School of Education Stokes wants to broaden her scope and capacity to advocate for students across different faculties.

Her overarching mission comprises strengthening the connection between the Senate and the Student Legislative Council (SLC) and creating forms of compensation for practicum students in the Education, Social Work and Nursing faculties. According to her, this level of compensation could come in the form of scholarships or bursaries. 

Although specific logistics have not been determined, Stokes aims to initiate the dialogue surrounding unpaid internships by proposing it as a discussion item to the Senate. 

“I would want to see the reasons why this isn’t paid, is there any way we would be able to start maybe a bursary or something like that, which is something that I am currently working on doing for Education in my Werklund representative role,” said Stokes. 

“That is not anything guaranteed, but I’ve started the application process for creating a scholarship, so maybe I can extend this to work to other faculties,” she said. 

Moreover, Stokes remarked that her role as a Werklund representative has made her receptive to the concerns relayed by students. 

“I hear testimonies and anecdotes from fellow students about having to do practicum and not being able to work as much, therefore not making as much money when they are working in classrooms,” she said. 

“It’s important for the people in these degrees, that are gaining real-world experience, to be able to totally immerse themselves in the experience without being so stressed out all the time.” 

Overall, Stokes’ has an actionable platform backed by previous experience in the SU that makes her a competent candidate. 

All undergraduate students may vote on their ballot YES or NO for up to two candidates for SENATE REPRESENTATIVE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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