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2024 general election: VP External

In this year’s Students’ Union (SU) general elections, there is one candidate running for re-election uncontested for the position of vice-president external. The vice-president external is the SU representative to municipal, provincial and federal governments. This role is also the primary delegate for the umbrella lobbying organizations the SU takes part in. 


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Mateusz Salmassi is a fifth-year international psychology student who is running for the Vice President External Position. During his previous terms as VP External, Salmassi has advocated for and achieved a two per cent domestic tuition cap, a reduction of international tuition from 10 per cent to six per cent and secured 25 million for student housing from the city. 

Salmassi breaks his platform points by levels of government. His federal goals include advocating for the Canada Student Grant maximum amount, developing a Get Out the Vote Campaign for student jobs and expanding international student rights so there are fewer barriers to permanent residency.

“Fighting to maintain our Canada Student Grant at the maximum of $4,200 a year, as well as fighting continuing to fight for the permanent lifting of international student work, hour limitations and increasing pathways to Residency for international students,” said Salmassi. 

His provincial goals include campaigning to pressure the Alberta government so that affordability demands can be met. This would include a tuition freeze, restoration of tuition tax credits, and the reinstatement of a Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) which used to subsidize employers for hiring students. 

“Provincially, [my platform] largely focuses around the restoration of funding to the University of Calgary which is to combat the massive budget cuts that have resulted in things like not enough classroom options on campus, crumbling buildings and other issues, said Salmassi”

His municipal goals include tackling the housing crisis through marketing changes to zoning laws. 

“Continuing the work, especially funding for citywide rezoning, so that it’s easier and easier to build affordable housing more quickly, especially in neighbourhoods around the university, where the neighbourhoods tend to be wealthier, and friendliness to affordable housing projects might not be as high,” said Salmassi. 

Salmassi has a lot of goals for his term but he aims to focus more on the provincial funding to the U of C, as many problems on campus stem from the cuts. 

“In this next year, I hope to get to the actual root of the problem, which is the province utterly defunding post-secondary education and leaving students behind,” said Salmassi.

Salmassi’s already established track record of achievement as VP external and his commitment to continuing his advocacy work makes him a qualified candidate for this election year. 

All undergraduate students can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Mateusz Salmassi as VP EXTERNAL or ABSTAIN from voting.

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