2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

2024 general election supplement: VP Academic

In this year’s Students’ Union (SU) general elections, there is one candidate running uncontested for the position of vice-president academic. The vice-president academic is responsible for improving and advocating for the academic experience and promoting undergraduate research. In their role, they sit on committees, meet with various members of the university administration and administer programs such as the Teaching Excellence Awards and Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Jessie Dinh is a Kinesiology student running for the vice president academic position. Dinh did not interview with the Gauntlet, so here is what students can expect solely based on her platform. 

Dinh previously served as the Faculty Representative for Kinesiology and aims to use her experience in that position to inform her future goals as an executive. Dinh aims for better educational support by introducing a grading system that includes rounding, supporting hybrid teaching methods and protecting term breaks. For these goals, Dinh aims to both advocate and implement change. 

Her second point focuses on providing more academic opportunities for students by promoting interdisciplinary research and improving collaborative learning spaces. However, Dinh does not describe how her plan is different from the numerous research opportunities offered to students through the Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) or the collaborative learning opportunities offered by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (TFDL). 

Dinh’s final goal is to increase the accessibility of education by promoting flexible deadlines and different modes of learning. She also aims to ensure that students in experiential learning environments — internships, practicums, study abroad — are protected

Though her second platform point is weak in its explanation, Dinh is a reliable candidate whose past experience points to her ability to make change.  

All undergraduate students can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Jessie Dinh as VP ACADEMIC or ABSTAIN from voting.

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