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Guy’s tweet favourited by the girl he likes

By Melanie Bethune, November 13 2014 —

Second-year English major Mark Burns has been an active Twitter user for over two years, but he has remained under the radar with only 76 followers. This past week however, he surpassed a major milestone when the girl he likes finally favourited one of his tweets.

“I mean, I totally didn’t see it coming,” Burns said. “But I’m glad nonetheless.”

Burns said it has taken a lot of effort to reach this point.

“I’ve been building up to this for a long time,” he said. “I’ve been making witty jokes every single day. I’ve stretched out those 140 characters to fit in all of my charm and banter. Every now and then one of my bros would retweet, or I’d get a favourite from some fitness account, but I knew I had potential beyond that. I could feel it coming.”

The now famous tweet simply reads, “This milkshake most definitely brought me to the yard. Good job @DQ!” The girl in question favourited the tweet approximately seven minutes after Burns posted it. “Yeah, I’m pretty excited,” Burns said. “Who knows what’s next for me? A retweet? A mention? A direct message? The sky’s the limit!”

Burns said he’s much more conscious of what he’s tweeting now that he knows who’s watching.

“Oh I’m definitely going to be more careful,” he said. “I’ll be checking my grammar from now on, and I probably won’t liveblog Extreme Couponing anymore. I also need to go back and delete that tweet from last week about my cat’s enema. I have an aesthetic to maintain, you know. She expects certain things of me.”

In the 24 hours since the tweet, Burns mentioned milkshakes no less than 37 times. Notable posts range from “Hey @taylorswift13, are you going to milk-shake it off?” to simply “#milkshakes.”

Burns hopes that he’ll be able to prompt further online interaction with the girl.

“I’m just giving the people what they want,” Burns said. “And you know, if she happens to favourite one of my tweets again or whatever, I definitely wouldn’t complain.”

Since noticing Burns’ reaction, the girl has unfollowed him on the social media website. When asked for comment, she sighed loudly.

“I regret so much,” she said. “So, so much.”

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