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What the majors are eating at the 2024 Calgary Stampede

By Josie Simon, July 4 2024—

Calling all food lovers and academic enthusiasts: The 2024 Calgary Stampede is serving up a feast for every major. From classic comfort foods to cutting-edge culinary creations, we’ve mapped out the perfect bites to match your field of study. Ready to eat your way through the Stampede? Let your major be your menu guide.

Nursing: Watermelon Burger
Always conscious of nutrition, nursing students might opt for the Watermelon Burger by Concessions Inc. This innovative burger replaces the traditional bun with slices of watermelon. It is topped with feta cheese, spinach and fresh mint, creating a lighter, summer-inspired alternative to classic beef burgers. 

Political Science: Korean Waffle
Political science majors, known for their interest in international affairs, may gravitate towards the Korean Waffle by Burger Joint. This fusion dish combines a perfectly cooked smash patty with Korean flavours like kimchi and Korean BBQ aioli served on a waffle. 

Accounting: Giant Mozza Stick On-A-Stick
Accounting students who appreciate value might find the Giant Mozza Stick On-A-Stick by Curly’s Curds a worthwhile investment. This massive mozzarella masterpiece offers a cheesy return on investment that even the most frugal bean-counters can’t resist.

Art History: Sour Candy Soft Serve 

Art history enthusiasts might be drawn to the visually appealing Sour Candy Soft Serve by Summerland Soft Serve. This edible work of art blends creamy soft serve with a palette of sour candy hues, creating a dessert that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. 

Biomedical Engineering: Cowboyaki  

Biomedical engineering students might be intrigued by the innovative Cowboyaki from Happy Fish. It combines traditional Japanese flavours with a Stampede twist, and the unique texture and flavour combinations will appeal to their analytical minds.  

Business: Lobster Bao 

Business majors, always looking for the next big thing, may be interested in trying the trendy Lobster Bao by The Dumpling Hero. This culinary merger of East and West is a tasty example of global market synergy that would make any MBA professor proud.  

Community Rehabilitation: Whipped Lemonade 

Community rehabilitation students focused on inclusivity might appreciate the Whipped Lemonade from Drink a Fruit. This refreshing beverage blends the zesty kick of lemonade with the creamy indulgence of whipped cream, creating a drink that is as universally appealing as it is unique. 

Computer Science: Pickle Fry Poutine 

Computer science majors might appreciate the logical flavour algorithm of Mr. Vegetable’s Pickle Fry Poutine. This dish cleverly merges the classic Canadian poutine with trendy pickle fries, creating a tasty output greater than the sum of its inputs. 

East Asian Language Studies: Wok N Go Noodles Locos in a Bag 

East asian language studies students may be drawn to the Wok N Go Noodles Locos in a Bag by Wok This Way. This dish offers a delicious fusion of Asian and Mexican street food styles, perfect for those who appreciate cultural crossovers in both language and cuisine. 

Data Science: Ferrero Rocher Bubble Tea 

Data science enthusiasts might enjoy analyzing the complex flavour profile of the Ferrero Rocher Bubble Tea by Bestea Bubble Tea. This drink offers a rich dataset of tastes, with each sip providing a new variable to process in their gustatory algorithms. 

Economics: Little Teriyaki Donuts 

Economics students, always considering cost-benefit analysis, may find the Little Teriyaki Donuts from Those Little Donuts to be a good value proposition. These bite sized treats offer a high return on investment, delivering a unique flavour experience in a familiar, efficient format. 

Film Studies: Meatball Mac & Cheese 

Film studies majors might be drawn to the dramatic presentation of the Meatball Mac & Cheese by Ogopogo Mac & Cheese. This dish serves as a cinematic experience for the palate, telling the story of Italian American cuisine in a single, visually compelling bowl. 

Stuff your face like there’s no tomorrow — given the state of the world, there might not be one. 

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