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Three simple ways to impress your professor

By Melanie Woods, September 3 2015 —

Classes are back in session for the fall semester and many students are looking to get a fresh start. This often means making a good impression on your new professors so they can provide valuable references and mentorship throughout your academic career. With that in mind, we’ve compiled three simple ways to get off to a good start with your professor.

1. Sit near the front. Don’t just sit at the front of the class. Stand right next to the professor. They will be constantly reminded of how keen you are to learn by the gentle brush of your arm against theirs and the stale scent of a Tim Hortons chicken salad croissant on your breath. Ensure you are always in their view by circling around them like a bird of prey so they can never make eye contact with any student but you. This obvious power move will impress your professor.

2. Take notes. Don’t just jot down information on a piece of paper or laptop. Physically take the notes of your fellow students. Snatch them up, stuff them in a bag and run out of the lecture hall. This display of dominance over your fellow man will be impressive to your professor.

3. Go to office hours. Better yet, show up to your professor’s home in the dark of night. Don’t use the door. Show off your ingenuity by expertly picking the lock on their bedroom window, crawling in and watching them sleep. Your professor will be impressed by your commitment to diligent work at any hour of the day.



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