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Olivia Rodrigo songs and what they say about your study habits

By Maham Fatima, March 27 2024—

Olivia Rodrigo’s meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes have captivated the ears of many listeners. Many students listen to her music while studying, however, can the lyrics you relate to reveal something deeper about your approach to studying? Let’s explore what your favourite song reveals about your study habits.

“Can’t Catch Me Now”

You carry a planner and meticulously plot all of your deadlines. You are always on top of everything and you do not even know what procrastination means. You are here to make your mark and nothing will stop you or catch you. 


This song is for the night owl students. You stay up late to finish your coursework but this can really be draining. While you regret working so late, the cycle continues as you keep studying late at night which allows your coursework to continue to sink in like a vampire. 

“1 step forward, 3 steps back”

You are an over-thinker. While studying you constantly second-guess yourself which makes it harder for you to make progress as you move one step forward but three steps back as you go back and forth between believing in yourself and doubting yourself. 


You don’t even know where to start because you are so overwhelmed. You want to make the most of your university experience but it’s hard balancing your academics too. You keep on falling into procrastination as you feel trapped. Everyone around you seems to be having a better time while it is going brutal for you. You keep on thinking about everything other than your studies. 

“ballad of a homeschooled girl”

You study better on your own as you are able to concentrate best when it is quiet. Perhaps after a bad group experience, you have decided that you prefer to study on your own or it is due to social anxiety. Socializing while studying drains your social battery and energy that you want to reserve for studying due to your overthinking when hanging out with others.  

“get him back!”

Obstacles and setbacks motivate you to work even harder. You use these situations as a push to do better and learn from the experience. You want to prove yourself and this means your studying style is really throwing yourself into your coursework in order to get your academic goals back on track.

“deja vu”

You have experienced ups and downs in your academic journey but have emerged from it stronger. You are very reflective and insightful reflecting on past experiences as you move forward and applying these deja vu insights to your current studying approach.

“jealousy, jealousy” 

Your studying is plagued with comparing yourself to your classmates. You even feel jealous of those around you as it seems like everyone is doing better than you. You overthink and can’t stop comparing which makes studying stressful and hard to move on and decide when an assignment is going to stand out against others. 

“enough for you”

You find it troubling to know when you have studied enough for your studies. You tend to obsess over little details plagued with self-doubt. You would benefit from learning to accept that you are amazing and so is your work.

“favourite crime”

Do you put off your coursework to participate in other aspects of your life? Perhaps you prioritize friends, family, clubs, volunteering or streaming your favourite show. You feel bittersweet about using too much of your time on yourself but don’t regret it fully — it’s sort of your favourite crime. 

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