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Top three classes to take this fall semester

By Jill Girgulis, September 17 2015 — 

Every program has a lengthy list of requirements you should obey if you have any hope of finishing your degree in a reasonable amount of time. This is university — you don’t exactly have your pick of fun and easy electives. It’s a good day if you manage to find a course that doesn’t have a paper due every week.

Lucky for you, the Gauntlet has compiled an exclusive list of electives at the U of C that will make your degree more interesting.

FILM 428: Cat Videos II
A more advanced take on the feline subgenre of filmmaking, this course gives students the opportunity to borrow friends’ cats and produce their own viral content. As this is an upper-year course, students are expected to use all available platforms including Vine, Instagram and even the Tumblr video player. Grades are assigned based on the circulation of their projects in addition to the cuteness level of cat images captured.
Students will require FILM 327: Cat Wrangling or departmental consent to enrol.

ART 321: Revisiting Play-Doh
A modern approach to sculpture, students will experience the exhilaration of creating shapes using a non-toxic and comforting medium from their childhood. Students can expect to devote multiple hours per week outside of lecture time to refining their craft.
Students caught tasting any of the required course materials out of class hours will face a timeout. Repeat offenders will receive a failing grade.

FNCE 301: Mastering MacHall
A vital course for all undergraduates with a credit card, this course teaches students the financial intricacies of MacHall. Topics covered include which vendors actually accept the Unicard, the hidden whereabouts of the fourth Tim Horton’s, and how to order off the secret Oreo®-branded menu at La Taqueria. The course will also examine  ongoing trends in BakeChef price inflation and overall food-court line management.
FNCE 301 classes are held from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. daily in the east Tim Horton’s line-up.

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