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Queer feminist ukulele group brings comedy to discussions of sexuality and gender

By Rachel Woodward, May 26 2016 —

Performing under the pseudonyms Pam of Green Gaybles, Shirley Payne and Easy Annie, the Wrong Kind of Girls are Calgary’s only queer feminist comedy ukulele group. The band is know for songs about heteronormativity, lesbian “u-hauling” and for using naked Barbies on stage to accompany their music.

The three women began working together musically for fun a year and a half ago, but when a feminist event sparked their interest, they decided to write their first original song.

“We’[d] been having a lot of conversations around feminism and queerness and what that means for each of us and what that looks like in life,” Gaybles says. “We wrote an original song together called ‘A Good Feminist’ and we came up with so much material during that conversation, that I think it really solidified a few things for us. We had so much stuff that we wanted to say that we didn’t just want it to be a one-time thing.”

The band started performing at events like Calgary Pride and The Coming Out Monologues. They will perform at Central United Church for their Tricky Endeavors concert on June 2.

Gaybles says the Wrong Kind of Girls strive to create inclusive and educational content.

“A lot of times when you talk about feminism — or activism in any kind — people have all different kinds of definitions about what that means,” she says. “I think that our voice is to explore that through comedy, and not at the expense of everybody, but celebrating that diversity and plunging into the stereotypes if that is what’s needed for the moment.”

With songs about everything from scissoring to “a Gay Lake of Fire,” Gaybles says the band can appeal to all audiences.

“We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously,” she says. ”I feel like everybody, whether you identify as a feminist or as a queer person or whatever, will get something out of the show.”

The band’s fan base in the city has grown over the past year as they perform more shows. Gaybles attributes this to the support from the local queer community.

“I think that in terms of the queer community here in Calgary, they’ve been really supportive,” she says. “As we continue to evolve, whatever that looks like, it’s really amazing to see the connections. It’s been really encouraging for us to see that the songs we’ve created in our living rooms touch the hearts of people that are a lot more similar and a lot less alone.”

The Tricky Endeavors show will contain sensitive material used to educate and entertain, Gaybles says.

“I think we try to create a safe and fun place for everybody,” she says.” Whether you’re interested in hearing about lesbian stereotypes, or birth control, or what we think feminist porn looks like, you will have a fantastic time.”

Tickets for the Tricky Endeavors show are $15 for students at brownpapertickets.com.

For more information, visit wrongkindofgirls.wordpress.com

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