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Campus style 2017 forecast: dewy skin, floral prints and bralettes set to feature this year

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, January 10 2016 —

For many, 2016 was a year best sent to the dredges of hell. The death of multiple icons coupled with severe international political swings left many of us eager to embrace the new year.

Fashion and beauty in 2016 matched the unpredictability of these bizarre cultural swings. A throwback to the ‘90s ressurected the choker necklace as the hottest trend, appearing on the famous necks of Shay Mitchell, the Kardashians and even Taylor Swift. Necklines plunged, the little black dress got tighter and blockier and matte-everything became a staple in lips, foundation and design.

As women’s necklines plunged, men’s grew taller. The turtleneck sweater in light grey, black and charcoal was a winter staple. Copper and beige trenches created an androgynous silhouette that blurred genders. Models of all genders appeared in long skirts on the runway. While this bold trend never seemed to catch hold on the University of Calgary campus, it did appear through more conservative longline and droptail tees. Throughout 2016, streetwear continued to make itself known in haute couture — sneakers, hoodies and leggings rose up from the streets to punctuate the runway.

But 2017 is here and with it, a new range of palettes, fabrics and designs will make their way to the campus. We put together our list of the top five trends to watch for in the New Year.

1. Back to the ‘80s:

Fuchsia pink, jaunty yellows and big shoulders were all over the runways at Valentino, Céline and Versace this year. We don’t know if this was the result of designer ‘80s nostalgia or a severe lapse in judgement, but expect to see bright colours on campus this spring. Oversized coats will continue as a market trend in women’s wear. And those horrible mint and sky blue ski suits that you see in every thrift store? Those are back in the form of parkas and bodysuits — and they make the same distinctive “swish” sound that we all remember. If you still have that green and purple childhood ski coat kicking around your closet, now is the time to bust it out. Wrap it around your waist with a tight tee or little black dress and pair it with some flashy kicks. Voila. You are now a member of the fashion elite.

2. Bralettes can be tops now:

The crop top and high-waisted skinny jean teen staple of yesteryear is now replaced by wearing literal underwear as a shirt. This spring, you might find yourself skipping along the quad, soaking in the first few rays of Calgary sunshine when — is that girl wearing a bralette for a top? Is that a nipple? You’ll pause in shock, clutching your breast in horror as she glides by in a mint bralette and a pleated skirt down to her ankles. You will probably kick yourself because, yes, you did take a Women’s Studies 201 class and yes, women can and should wear whatever they want without comment. Your better self will think, “Am I slut shaming right now?” and you will stand there, your head in your hands, stuck in a loop of adult bitterness and questionable judgement coupled with the knowledge that you may have just seen some real life pink nips.

3. Obnoxious graphic tees:

Loud colours, patterns and textures all influenced Gucci and MSGM runways. Expect those annoying smiley-face Nirvana tees to make a reappearance on campus paired with neutral caps and checkerboard Vans. Men will also carry a dishevelled air, with a cigarette-burned tee, a stretched neckline or a shoelace belt as detailing. Windbreakers will return, as will puffy bombers and ‘90s streetwear. Shit-kicker boots will persist, with Dr. Martens as staples. Also, the weird sock trend will continue into 2017. If the boys aren’t bold enough to wear a yellow, blue and red striped tee, they will wear the hell out of them as socks. Expect lots of cuffed pants, chunky boots and ridiculous socks. Do not ask them to take off the damn socks during sex. They won’t.

4. I know you love your matte foundation, but swap it for dewy:

That expensive matte foundation you purchased in November? The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit? No more. Neutral, dewy faces are all the rage for 2017. The strong, thick
brow trend will continue into 2017, but now the brows will highlight the face rather than act an accessory to the matte lip and winged eyeliner. Leave your attempts at winged eyeliner in the past and focus on your brows and maybe add a bright liquid rogue to your cheeks. Natural hair is also in. Rose gold is a shade that will continue into 2017, but icy white blonde dyes will be too extreme. Keep it natural, keep it simple and maybe do your brows — if you dare.

5. When in doubt, go flirty:

If all else fails, revert to bright, bold patterns in interesting colours. Pink chiffon, pleats and polka dots have all been spotted on the runway this season. Florals always appear around springtime, but this year go for small, delicate petals.

You’ll start to notice romantic dresses, bows, lace, delicate babydoll chiffons and pastel pleated skirts take on campus this spring. So if you’ve got a pretty dress hanging in your closet that you haven’t worn for years, give it a chance to prove itself again. Don’t overdo the makeup and keep your look elfish and eupherial. Go for dainty and effortless rather than gothic and dramatic. Try pairing this with a wet-hair look and a strong brow. You’ll want the emphasis to be on the fall of the dress rather than the intensity of your makeup. Channel the inner ballerina or fairy from your childhood and have fun with it. If full-on feminine doesn’t appeal to you, go the opposite and sport some chunky boots with an oversized men’s dress shirt and a skinny belt when the weather warms up. Ultimately, just look like you don’t give a shit. Effortless flow is trending this season, which is good news for those of us who couldn’t be bothered to get it together.

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