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University offers new degree on NAP-ing

By Drew Thomas, January 24 2016 —

This week, the University of Calgary announced a new degree stream promoting the application of Non-Awake Participation (NAP) principles. Students will soon be able to earn a Bachelor of NAP-ing and enrol in intensive sleep-based classes.

NAP 327: Practical Application of Dozing is the first course to accurately display what students have requested in their Universal Student Ratings of Instruction for years.

Students’ Union vice president napping Blankie Binkerson described the program as a real step forward in listening to student needs.

“The creation of the Bachelor of NAP-ing program is very clearly an olive branch from administration, which is set to address the growing tiredness in today’s student,” Binkerson said.

U of C vice-provost re-energizing Sandy Sandman said the stream is a response to student experience.

“This was a calculated effort across faculties to develop a program that utilizes students who were already falling asleep during lecture,” she said.

Descriptions for the courses include renewed visions of NAP into the future, the history of NAP and the practical application of NAP in everyday life.

An expert on sleep science for the past 30 years, Dr. Sullivan Leepy spearheaded the program’s creation.

“Some might say that I’m only an expert in old-man NAPs, but I believe I still have something to share with the younger generation of NAP-ers” Leepy said.

Despite initial mixed opinions, every course was full within a few minutes of registration opening. Though the grading scale for the faculty is not yet set, many students have said they will audit the course simply for the opportunity to catch up on sleep.

“This course has been a long time coming. I’m not missing an opportunity to have NAP courses listed on my transcripts — employers will love that shit,” one excited and slightly drowsy student said.

With unrivaled interest in the first pilot course, the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science will also offer new classes in the fall semester of 2017.

FORT 237: Theory of Pillow Structures and CHEM 487: Advanced Ramen Principles have already seen great interest by U of C students. Early registration will open up next February.


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