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How to still look good during midterms

By Saima Asad, February 14 2017 —

For most students, midterm season brings a lack of hygiene and proper nutrition, turning us into empty shells of the wholesome humans we once were. But while your interior slowly decays from all-nighters and energy drinks, there’s no reason your exterior can’t shine. Use these three tips to keep yourself glowing through this cold and dreary season.

Use a natural highlighter:

Did you snooze your alarm before your 8:00 a.m. exam and roll out of bed to run to your final without washing your face or even looking in a mirror? We’ve all been there. Lack of self-care is a natural result of excessive studying and terrible time management. But don’t let that stop you from glowing! Just use the excess grease on your face as highlighter. Be sure to rub it around your cheekbones and temple to get that natural dewy shine. Using all that oil will make you glow brighter than a big ol’ kerosene lamp.

Make a bold statement with your eyes:

That statement being, “I haven’t slept in two weeks — please send help.” Sleep deprivation combined with not washing off your makeup from the night before will give you a perfect natural under-eye worthy of ‘90s heroine chic. Some people might even think you got in a bar fight last weekend — just go with it. Convince everyone that you’re not to be messed with by saying, “you should’ve seen the other guy.”

Get your beauty sleep:

Though it may seem contrary to the previous step, you can actually catch up on lost sleep given the right opportunity, and that right opportunity is a crowded lecture hall. Show how much you respect your professor by picking a nice cozy spot in class and letting their droning voice soothe you like a lullaby. Bonus points if a little drool ends up on the folding desk — it contains DNA, which you can later analyze in your lab. If you’re a real multitasker, use this opportunity to put on a facemask, too. There’s no better place to do a face mask than a packed lecture hall.

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