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The four best and worst villagers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

By Derek Baker, December 5 2017 —

The Animal Crossing series is a childhood video game staple. I personally spent countless hours as a kid pushing villagers around, trying to get them to talk to one another so they’d wear the sweet clothes I designed for them. The revitalization of the series with the mobile app Pocket Camp reminded me how some of these villagers were actually kind of cool — and how some of them are actually just garbage. Here is a ranking of the four best and worst characters currently in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


The Best:


Jay is a sporty bird that likes to have fun. He was the first character I ever received their photograph from in Animal Crossing: City Folk. He’s a very good boy.



Tex is a really cool penguin. In fact, this amalgamation of pixels on a screen is actually cooler than I am in real life. Which, honestly, might not be saying much.



The constant look of discontent on this villager’s face is a true representation of how I feel on a daily basis — dead inside. Punchy knows the world is a screwed up place and we’re all just strapped in for the ride, whether we like it or not. I respect that.



A blue squirrel who just wants to go to space. Filbert’s aspirations inspire the world to shoot for the moon and land upon the stars. He’s the true embodiment of the American dream. 9/10 character.


The Worst:


This dumb duck wants me to spend almost 2,000 bells on a pizza that takes seven hours to make? Nuh-uh. You can go to Domino’s and order a pizza there, Ketchup.



Two words succinctly describe this abomination of a character — hot mess. This character is straight out of Flavour Town, basically a reincarnation of Guy Fieri. Bud is garbage. Please, roll out of my campsite.



This villager thinks the whole world revolves around her. I built Rosie the ugliest pink couch and she didn’t even sit on it when she moved in! 0/10. Would not recommend. Please leave.



This gorilla was exceptionally mean to my character in the original Gamecube edition — though it may have had something to do with my sister and me burying a field of pitfall seeds around his front door. Regardless, Peewee is a real jerk.


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