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How to make the most of your summer break

By Frankie Hart, May 16 2019—

Following every academic year is summer break, a time when you can soak up some rays, soak up some rays in a different country, get some much-needed sleep, work or maybe take some classes. However, by the end of August, it feels like summer went by in a flash.  And what will you have to show for it?

Here are things you can do this summer to make the most of it:

Learn to skateboard:

What’s the point of summer if you can’t have fun in the sun? You’ll get together all your gear for shredding that gnar, hop on your board and immediately eat shit. That’s the price you pay to become a sk8er boi.

Get really into crafts:

What’s more fulfilling than making things with your hands? With some careful needlework and a hot glue gun, by September you’ll be the epitome of campus style in your DIY hoodie that has “my major is ass-eating” embroidered onto it. What occasion could you even wear this for?

Become a mermaid:

Inspired by the hit film Aquamarine (2006), you will follow a YouTube tutorial to get mermaid powers. Now, every time you’re in contact with water, you grow gills! Sick!

Try to become TikTok famous:

After buying clothes to fit TikTok trends and investing in a phone tripod and ring light, you’ll spend painstaking hours desperately trying to cash in on the current memes. At the end of the summer, you’ll check on your growth and realize that about 80 per cent of your followers are bots. You should’ve figured only one person on campus could be TikTok famous, and it’s that kid from Haskayne.

Make an acapella group:

Just kidding. Pitch Perfect 3 came out in 2017, it’s time to aca-stop it.

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