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Resources on campus

By Maggie Hsu, September 16 2022

Starting university can be a bit of a shock to your system. But rest assured that there are always supports available to you if you ever feel like you’re struggling or just need some guidance. Here’s a crash course on University of Calgary campus resources.

Wellness Centre & Student Accesbility Services (SAS)

For medical and mental health care, the Wellness Centre located on the 3rd floor of MacEwan Hall can provide you with support in keeping your mind and body in tune as you navigate university. They can also connect you with the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) who can help you set up accommodations that will make your university experience a lot smoother. Anything from mental health struggles such as test anxiety, physical disabilities and learning disabilities, the SAS can help relieve the weight of finding these accommodations for yourself.

Student Success Centre & Career Services

For academic and career assistance, each faculty and department will, generally, have their own student centre where you can speak to student advisors regarding courses to take to supplement your degree and what opportunities to seek professionally to help build towards your career after graduation. The Student Success Centre in the TFDL works similarly, as it has “student-centered resources, where you can ask questions and learn more about strategies that support your learning,” according to the U of C website. In addition to that, Career Services has resources to help you explore career options, build your network and strengthen your job application to help you stand out as a candidate for your dream job.

SU Tutor Registry 

If you find yourself falling behind in your courses, there is support for you too. The Students’ Union (SU) has a Tutor Registry that connects tutors with students that are in need of academic assistance. The SU has high standards for their tutors so you can trust that the one you hire has taken the course you need tutoring in and has the knowledge to properly guide you through said course.

Campus Clubs

A great way to connect with like-minded students is joining clubs. There are over 300 clubs on campus to suit a wide range of interests academically and socially. They provide an opportunity to make friends and get away from the rigour of assignments, exams and grades. Many of the clubs on campus have been running for quite a few years so they provide opportunities to get off campus as well to allow students to engage with the community.

Student Ombuds Office

Lastly, if you find yourself in a difficult situation with another student or someone on campus, the Student Ombuds Office is a safe space that allows students to speak to an impartial third party to explore options and strategies to move forward in a situation before making any difficult decisions. The Ombuds are there to listen to students and break down university regulations so students can be aware of how to navigate interactions with university officials.

The university is built to help students get to where they want to be in life. There are always resources available to its students so help is never more than a few steps across campus.

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