2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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2023 SU general election: Board of Governors – Student-at-Large

The Board of Governors manages the operations of the U of C. The student-at-large representative attends BoG meetings and voices student concerns.


Taimur Akhtar is running to be this year’s student-at-large on the Board of Governors. Akhtar notes that he is a student leader which has given him the skills and knowledge he needs to make a difference for students in this role. 

Akhtar is hoping to fight against further cuts to the Campus Operating Grant and advocate against unjust tuition hikes. He also looks to advocate for the use of advanced metrics — though it is unclear what that means — to ensure that any future fee increases are not only transparent but accountable as well. 

Next, Akhtar is hoping to ensure that there is more support and funding for sexual violence support and resources for students while advocating for improvements in student safety and well-being. He will work to introduce a policy that would keep the university consistent in its stance on important community issues while providing learning opportunities for staff and students. Lastly, Akhtar will support the continuation of the tuition reinvestment bursary.

Akhtar’s points are ambitious and overall, if they are achieved, would significantly benefit students.


Arafatul Mamur is another candidate for this position, but he did not interview with the Gauntlet, so this is what students can expect from him solely based on his platform. 

Mamur has experience in leadership positions — although, none are SU related — which could serve to help him if elected in the role. 

Mamur’s first focus will be to reduce the tuition fees and stop the tuition fee hike for international students and domestic students alike. A somewhat idealistic goal, Mamur does not mention much on how he plans to achieve that or even advocate to do so. 

Next, Mamur will look to increase mental health awareness and resources by supporting SU mental health-related clubs to help students create an opportunity to connect with peers. 

Lastly, Mamur is looking to help create new grants and bursaries for the fall and winter semesters — although it is unclear whether these grants and bursaries would be based on academics, financial needs or a mix of both. 

Mamur’s platform, though it includes valid points, lacks explanations behind how he plans to achieve these ideas. 

All undergraduate students may vote for one of the two candidates for BOARD OF GOVERNORS – STUDENT-AT-LARGE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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