2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Photo by Ben Shi

2023 SU general election: Faculty of Science representatives

Along with the responsibilities outlined for all Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) members, faculty representatives are accountable for responsibilities particular to their role including: Reporting to students of their faculty the policies, positions and programs of the Students’ Union (SU), reporting to their faculty itself (like Dean’s Council) the policies, positions and programs of the SU, representing student constituents of their faculty at SLC, representing student constituents of their faculty on university committees and reporting to the VP Academic on matters of academic importance within their faculty.


Ben Shi is a second-year neuroscience student that is running for one of three Faculty of Science representative positions. As a science student with experience from his high school’s student council, Shi’s platform focuses on career development, mental wellness, and campus infrastructure.

Shi states that science students sometimes find a divide between academic and industry demands, and hopes to bridge these by hosting events with industry professionals and building connections with alumni so students align themselves better with their future careers. He also hopes to streamline the science internship process to improve access to meaningful employment. 

As courses often have strict deadlines, Shi will advocate for standard extensions for courses to promote better mental health among students who are struggling with time management or are sick. He also plans on growing mental health supports by hosting events to speak on mental health. 

Lastly, Shi will advocate for a stable internet and relevant workspaces for the growing student body. Shi believes that these are basic tools for science students to succeed and will work to decrease the consistent and pressing problems.

Shi’s directed plan of action makes him a strong candidate for this position. 


Erica Peng did not interview with the Gauntlet, so this is what voters can expect solely based on her platform.

Peng is a fourth-year computer science and international relations student who is another candidate for one of the Faculty of Science representative positions. Peng’s platform points consist of transparency and accessibility, learning opportunities and academic advising capacity. 

She hopes to conduct faculty-wide surveys, and mid-term Town Halls to provide feedback to faculty and staff regarding student concerns. Additionally, she will implement academic program updates before the end of each academic year so Faculty of Science students are aware of any changes to requisite and prerequisite courses.  

Peng’s plan is to begin a Science Undergraduate Research Journal to host student research projects and provide opportunities to practice their editing skills. Peng will pair this with increased research funding. 

Overall, Peng’s actionable platform makes her a strong candidate in this race.  


Eyerusalem Tadese did not interview with the Gauntlet so this is what voters can expect solely based on her platform.

As a fourth-year biological science student, Tadese plans to improve scholarship funding, research and experiential learning opportunities, and mental health support.

Tadese cites rising tuition as the motivation behind increasing available scholarships for Faculty of Science students. She is currently working on a Quality Money application for students under financial burden.

She hopes to work with the Career Centre and the Co-op office to increase research and experiential learning opportunities for students to further their careers. Lastly, she hopes to collaborate with other science representatives and the Wellness Centre to host stress sessions to support students mentally. 

Tadese’s emphasis on working with already existing resources shows that she values collaborating with campus resources for the benefit of students. 


Navid Ghaderi did not interview with the Gauntlet so this is what voters can expect solely based on his platform.

Ghaderi is a third-year neuroscience student that hopes to support science students by aiming to take advantage of the SU Quality Money program to provide more scholarships with broader eligibility. He also will establish networking events and workshops in collaboration with faculty and industry for students to receive feedback for their career goals. 

Lastly, Ghaderi hopes to expand and build awareness around mental health resources, focusing particularly on suicide prevention, and substance abuse services.

Ghaderi’s focus on issues that impact students directly show that he cares about creating change for his faculty. 

All undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science can vote YES or NO on their ballot for up to three candidates for FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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