2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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2023 SU general election: VP Operations & Finance

The vice-president operations and finance is responsible for the Students’ Union’s budget, SU policy and the fiscal operation of their businesses in Mac Hall. They also chair several SU committees.


Arlington Antonio Santiago is a fifth-year political science and law and society major hoping to get elected as the vice-president operations and finance. Having run in the by-election this last fall for the vice-president external position, it’s clear that Santiago is determined to find his way into student politics. 

Santiago’s platform consists of three main points: redevelop the governance structure of the SU, address food insecurity, and increase the sustainability of student health and wellness. Over all three points, however, he makes it clear that “restructuring” is the main goal if he were to be elected. 

Regarding his first point, Santiago discussed how he wants to reshape the governance structure of the SU, along with its free processes to ensure more accountability and transparency is seen. He wants to stop the university administration and the government from privatizing services, like the bookstore, that benefit students. While this task may fit more under a different position, he wants to explore the operational ways he can help make these goals a reality. 

Food insecurity is a big issue students are currently facing, so Santiago wants to help tackle this by introducing vertical farming to the campus community and adding healthy food options on campus. As of now, he’s still unsure about how to execute these ideas, but he’s looking at running the idea through Quality Money.

Students will also get a plebiscite question on their ballot about the Dinos athletics fees they currently pay in their tuition. Santiago wants to find a way to subsidize the fees to put less of a financial burden on students. 

Santiago wanted to run for this position because he saw it was where he could make the most change, along with supporting and continuing the work the previously elected officials have already started. While not every single one of his ideas has a clear path, Santiago is eager to make a difference in students’ lives and has a good idea of what students actually need.

All undergraduate students can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Arlington Antonio Santiago as VP OPERATIONS & FINANCE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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