2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Photo by Sandra Amin

2023 SU general election: VP Academic

The vice-president academic is responsible for improving the academic experience and promoting undergraduate research. Their job mostly consists of sitting on committees, meeting with various members of the university administration and administering programs like the Teaching Excellence Awards and Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Sandra Amin is running uncontested for vice-president academic this term after finishing her current term as a Faculty of Science representative. 

Amin’s platform focuses on affordability, accessibility and student empowerment. In her affordability point, Amin hopes to advocate for the use of open educational resources (OERs) in hopes that they will replace textbooks as they are not only free but of higher quality. Amin explains that this will remove the large expense that burdens students, especially during a time when the cost of living and tuition is rising. 

In her next point on accessibility, Amin will advocate for the implementation of technologies to allow for hybrid teachings in classrooms and alternative learning assessments to be adapted in classes. Amin notes that it is important to allow for more inclusion of all learning types and neurodiversities among students and to accommodate for disabilities. 

Amin is also looking to create a Quality Money funded university-based research journal that will publish the work of students across campus. Additionally, Amin will advocate for increasing the number of research grants awarded while creating more research summer studentship grants that recognize those who have neurodiversities or disabilities. 

Amin’s final point on student empowerment looks to advocate for the university to approve the Student Bill of Rights that was proposed by the 78th Student Legislative Council (SLC) that was intended to show students what rights they have. She also hopes to look into program workloads in order to create policies that will protect student well-being. 

Amin’s platform shows students that she is dedicated to improving the learning experience at the university for all learners. 

All undergraduate students can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Sandra Amin as VP ACADEMIC or ABSTAIN from voting.

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