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Style Scoop: Amber

By Glory Okeleke, May 29 2023—

I like to do something different than everybody else, you know […] if it’s something that I’m gonna find everyone else wearing, there’s not a chance that I’m gonna buy it. [I like] something that’s different, that’s you. Make it you.


While spotted dressed in a chic two-piece set from an Indigenous fashion label based out of Winnipeg, Amber, when styling herself, always has at the forefront of her mind to be supportive of the local industries within Canada, as well as Indigenous fashion.

You look so good today! Did you have a specific aim or intent putting this outfit together?

 “Being a Metis myself, I support entrepreneurs that are also putting out fashion and clothing.80 per cent of what I own is bought from Indigenous brands,” answered Amber, when asked her primary intent behind putting her outfit together. 

Could we get a breakdown of the entire fit and where everything was purchased from?

Furthermore, consciousness and sustainability are two central factors for Amber and her curated wardrobe. As she gave a breakdown of her midnight blue wear bordered with white, she revealed that the designer whose attire she was appareled in, put serious care into the fabricative process of the garments they produced, “she reuses fabric, takes clothing back, and repurposes materials,” said Amber. 

What would you say inspires your style the most?

Unlike the typical notion that oftentimes associates beauty and looking good with pain and discomfort which is impelled in today’s society, Amber begs to differ. In response to the question of what inspires her style the most, she acknowledged one prime focus of hers, and that is to stay comfortable whilst simultaneously being fashionable, because as she adduced, “I don’t think fashion has to hurt.” 

As we part, are there any essential fashion or styling tips you have to share with the rest of the campus community?

The individuality which Amber possesses is one characteristic that is eye-catching about her, this peculiarity even, is an identified component which she willingly embraces in her creative process of styling and assembling together different pieces of clothing and accessories. For some fashion and styling tips which we asked Amber for, given the impeccable taste she evidently pioneered; being outrightly unique and personified through what one wears and how one chooses to style themselves is a dynamic tip which Amber shared with us to extend with the rest of the fashionistas on campus, she explained:

 “I like to do something different than everybody else, you know […] if it’s something that I’m gonna find everyone else wearing, there’s not a chance that I’m gonna buy it. [I like] Something that’s different, that’s you. Make it you.”

You heard it here first folks, these were Amber’s last words of encouragement to us — make it you. Add your own personable twist to it, whatever that may look like for each and every one of us. Conclusively, I have to highlight a piece of Amber’s clothing that really stuck out to me: it was an accessory, her earrings. They were an illustration of a blue wildflower and were precisely a representation of the beauty of the Indigenous lands and their rich nature, I just had to acknowledge how fascinatingly beautiful they truly were before wrapping up this piece. And on that note, this first edition of the style scoop will be brought to an end, make sure to keep an eye out for the next drop!

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