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Relationship advice you need to hear based on your major

By Julieanne Acosta, September 27 2023—

The start of the semester — a beautiful time for self-reflection before many of you will find the love of your life, only to break up before the end of the winter season. In the wonderful world of university, we all know that you can learn a lot about someone simply by asking them what their major is. But before you go off judging other majors, let’s take some time to think about what relationship advice you need to know based on yours.


Before you jump head-first into a relationship that’s doomed from the start, try fixing your mommy issues first. 


Have you ever considered that psychoanalyzing everyone might make you…a psycho? Stop yourself.


Let’s get one thing straight — taking some communication classes does not make you a good communicator. You may want to start working on that.


While it may be fun to trade stocks every month, trading partners is not. Try sticking with the same person for more than a few weeks. 


Take some time away from looking at skeleton models and remember what it’s like to talk to someone who isn’t in your major. 


If you need to use your classroom management skills on your partner, that’s not the one for you. Have higher expectations. 


You need more than chemistry to make a relationship work. Take some time to consider who you are apart from your science classes.  


How come you have so many numbers on your homework but not on your phone? Live a little.

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