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What your favourite Halloween candy reveals about your personality 

By Emma Djukic, October 27 2023—

From Hogwarts houses and Myers Briggs to astrological signs and sports teams, we all love finding little ways to better understand our personalities. And today, you’re in luck. With Halloween just around the corner, let’s find out what your favourite Halloween candy has to say about you. 

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

You are very confident in yourself and trust your abilities to get things done. Some people may think you’re intimidating, but you know what you want and aren’t afraid to aim for your goals. While your independence is admirable, don’t forget that it’s okay to rely on your friends and family from time to time. 

Candy Corn

You are fiercely loyal to those you hold dear. Your easy charm and extroverted nature make it easy to strike up new friendships, but you have more depth than some people give you credit for. Just like your favourite candy, not everyone will understand your appeal, and that’s okay. Those who can appreciate everything you bring to the table are the ones worth carving pumpkins with. 

Kit Kat

You plan your outfits the night before “just to be ready”. Some people think that you’re pretentious, and maybe you are a little, but you have the biggest heart and are ready to help anyone who needs you. Your self-confidence makes it easy for you to stand up for others, and your no-nonsense attitude only amplifies your badassness. Don’t forget to take a break sometimes when you need it.

Coffee Crisp

Some people accuse you of being boring, but you just know what you like and don’t care what others think. You are the levelheaded one, the friend who can always see reason when tensions are high, and it’s something that people admire about you very much. You’re ambitious and have big plans for your future, and with the amount of caffeine you’re consuming lately, you’ll either conquer the world or get heart failure trying. 


You’re still a child at heart and aren’t ashamed of it at all. While you sometimes drive your friends crazy with your questionable antics, there is no one more determined to get what they want than you. Some call it stubbornness, you call it them being wrong. A difference of opinion, really. At the end of the day, you’re compassionate and understanding, which is why it’s so hard for you to stand by and let something bad happen to those you care about. 

Sour Patch Kids

If chill were a person, it would be you. You’re laid back, and you can find something to lighten any situation, but your nonchalant attitude can sometimes be mistaken for not caring. You do care. You’ve simply learned that the best way to approach any situation is by expecting nothing from it and enjoying the vibes. Remember that vulnerability isn’t weakness, and that sometimes the best things in life are the spookiest. 


You are a joy to be around, and you are so sincere in your positive energy that you sometimes don’t realize just how much you affect the people around you. From your infectious smiles to the kindness you give to everyone, people have come to know you are the bright and true friend that they can always rely on to make them feel better. Don’t forget to let someone else make you smile from time to time, as well. 


Just like your favourite Halloween Treat, you’ve got a tougher shell with the sweetest center. You are more introverted than your friends, but deep down inside, all you want to do is find someone to share your Twix with. Your caring nature and quieter energy are what makes those around you feel comfortable and safe. 


You are colourful and loud, and you always make a distinct impression on people. Your passion and drive are what fuel you, and you are always ready to argue for your beliefs, no matter the time or day. You find it hard to be alone sometimes, and prefer to be in the company of others, but don’t forget that looking inwards can be just as satisfying as destroying Jerald’s point about inflation. 

Jolly Ranchers

You have a lovely smile. It’s one of the main things that people notice when they first meet you, and it’s only the first of many wonderful things that your friends know about your personality. Your dry, and sometimes darker, sense of humour may throw some people off, but you are rarely bothered by what people think about you, and that inner strength serves you well. You may tend to procrastinate more than you dare to admit sometimes, but you always get it done, just in time for the Witching Hour. 

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