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Thank you notes

By Jill Girgulis, October 6 2015 –

In honour of the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, we compiled a list of what we’re most grateful for.

Thank you, TFDL, for restricting hot food in the group workrooms. I guess I’ll just tell my tasty casserole to stay home tomorrow.

Thank you, first year biology lectures, for filling the entire science theatres foyer with 400 students at once. I always wanted to know what it feels like to be a spawning salmon.

Thank you, four campus Tim Hortons, for understanding that students like coffee but are also poor.

Thank you, September midterms, for tricking me into thinking the semester is already half over.

Thank you, people who argue with professors during lectures. I’m really excited about teaching myself advanced trigonometrics.

Thank you, SU club meet-and-greets, for giving me free dinner every night in September.

Thank you, AirUC Secure, for being the most insecure Wi-Fi network in Calgary. Keep trying.

Thank you, Social Sciences staircase, for making me even briefly contemplate taking the stairs.

Thank you, little red D2L alert, for paralyzing me with fear whenever I log in to check the course syllabus.

Thank you, people who leisurely stroll down the Science A hallway. Don’t worry, I didn’t need to get to my lab on time.

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