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Six new noodle recipes

By Frankie Hart, October 11 2016 — 


It’s almost halfway through the semester. If you live in residence you’ve probably spent almost all your food-plan money  again. It’s time to turn to the notorious life-saving student-budget classic of instant noodles. Deceive yourself into believing that you’re eating a five-star meal with one of these student-inspired noodle recipes and bump up your ramen game.


The one that always does the reading:

One package beef flavoured instant noodles

125 ml (1/2 cup) bok choy

One humble brag

One “good” question in class about material that hasn’t been covered

Garnish with green onion


The vegan:

One package oriental flavoured top ramen

One mention that you are, in fact, a vegan

125 ml (1/2 cup) bean sprouts

Another mention that you are still, in fact, a vegan

Garnish with green onion


The arts major:

One package beef flavoured instant noodles

One egg-drop style egg

250 ml familial disappointment

One Kurobuta sausage, cut like an octopus

Garnish with green onion


The business major:

One package shrimp flavoured instant noodles

One package of powdered GPA boosters

15 ml gochujang (extra salty)

250 ml (one cup) sliced kimchi

One shrine to Adam Smith

Garnish with green onion


The engineering major:

One package chicken flavoured instant noodles

250 ml (one cup) baby spinach

One superiority complex

0.5 kg thinly sliced pork or steak tenderloin

Garnish with bean sprouts


The sweet release of death:

One package Kimchi flavoured instant noodles

15 ml chili flakes

15 ml of nihilism

Squeeze of a lemon

Two ghost peppers, chopped


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